There are lots of questions  you have when you realize you need a blog, but don’t know how to get started.

Things like how to build it, how does it work technically, what to write, how often to write, and so on and so forth.

So, we’ve put together 10 important steps you need to take to get it going.

1.Find a webhost to host your blog.

There are a so many webhost out there you can use.  Find one with a yearly pay plan that suits your pocket. Make some research, before you chose.

Most webhost companies offer you the possibility to install your blog with “1-click”, so make sure the one you chose has got this specific feature.

work-from-homeIt will make it so much more easier for you.  Most webhosts also offer the number one blogging platform WordPress to their users. Chose one that does!

2.Get your domain name  

Most webhosts offer you the possibility to buy your domain name through them. Your domain is the name you want your site/blog to be called and known as. For example,  or like we called our site

So to be clear, the domain is the name of your website/blog, which needs to be hosted with a webhost company.

3.Find a blogging platform

WordPress is THE blogging system you should use, since it was originally made for bloggers. It’s free and it’s extremely easy to learn and use.

We recommend WordPress, because it  offers endless of the so called “themes”, which are designs you can choose between. Find the look you would like your blog to have.





4.Design your blog

I recommend finding a tutorial on youtube about the exact “theme” you chose to help you get through the design process. I did that the first time and it saved me hours and hours of headache and frustration, believe me!

One of the essentials is to make a “header” with photo(s) of you and some nice graphics and get it on top on your frontpage.

You can use the online design program Canva for that, it’s also free and really, really easy to use once you get to know it. Copy-of-Canva-for-Work-IG

I’m a photoshop girl, but since we started blogging I’m using Canva for EVERYTHING, headers, blogpost pictures, youtube thumbnail pictures, etc.

You’ll find stacks of free photos and illustrations you can use for your designs.

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5. Target Market

It’s super important to know your target market, so you’ll know exactly how to write and what to write about. Be very specific about who you write to and you will be seen and noticed faster.

6.Know exactly what to blog about

You probably already know what to write about or you wouldn’t have thought about a blog in the first place.

If you are a lawyer you could write about common questions to legal topics. If you are a marketer you blog about marketing. The important thing is to give out some value and content your readers need and can use.

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7.Find out how often to blog

We recommend 4-6 times a week minimum. Some post many times every day. It depends on what you’re about. A diary blog could be updated several times a day.

8.Connect your social media accounts

WordPress offers this option in almost all their themes, because it’s a must to connect your social media accounts to your blog. Also drop your blog link on your social media account in the “about you” sections.

9.Share your blogposts on social media

This is obviously a great way to get known out there and most importantly, to drive traffic to your site.


It’s not enough to write 10-15 blogposts and then lean back expecting miracles to happen.

You NEED to be consistent. The best way to be consistent I found, is to pretend that you already have thousands of readers out there EXPECTING your daily updates, advice, help, tips or whatever topic you’ve chosen. And you surely don’t want to disappoint your readers by being inconsistent posting only sporadically.

So it’s really not that difficult, but a matter of taking the first steps and start learning. Go get your blog started today, someone out there is waiting for someone JUST like you to brighten up their days.


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This is the training platform that we use, where you’ll get your blog hosted plus you’ll get tons of training on how to run it, how to advertize on it, how to drive traffic to it and even how to build your follower list and do your newsletters.

It’s the perfect platform to start blogging from with ALL the help you need to start.

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