3 Steps To Finding Your Target Market

Marketing online is something most of us have realized is the way to move your business forward, especially if you want to go global.

For online marketing, and especially attraction marketing, it is essential that you know exactly WHO to target.  The reason for this is that if you are trying to target everyone, your message will be vague and most probably you will either miss target or just drown in all the marketing noise out there.

And that is why you shouldn't target too broad and narrow in your perfect target group.

So how do you start defining your target market?

The first you must do is to take these  3 things into account;  Who is your target, what are their challenges and what do they want.


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Who is your target market.

What  many professionals recommend is that you look at yourself to start with. What attracted you into online attraction marketing? What were YOU looking for?

Are they home business owners that need and are looking for a solution to brand themselves and what they do online?

Or are they women between 25 and 45 struggling to lose weight? Or Middle aged men sick and tired of working all day for someone else not getting anywhere in life missing out the best moments with their family?

These are the kind of questions you must ask. The more your target market looks like yourself, the easier it will be for you to understand their needs, fears and hopes.

Let's say you want to target young men struggling building an online business and yourself are a middle-aged woman and the message you send out there talks about having time freedom so you can be home with your kids. There is no congruence between your target group and your message.

Of course this example is exaggerated, but I just put it to illustrate the importance of understanding your target people.

What are their challenges.

Is your target market struggling with their weight, in their business , with their budgeting, self empowerment or discipline. Do your product meet their needs?

Whatever it is that YOU offer it should cover the needs of your market.  So finding THEIR struggle look at your own solution. If you sell weight loss products, their struggle should be weight loss problems.

If you sell accountability programmes, they are struggling with discipline and consistency in their business. If you are offering online marketing education they are having troubles succeeding with their online marketing. And so on and so forth.

The connection between YOUR product and THEM is THEIR struggle. As simple as that.

What do they really want.

So here again you should look at their greatest desire in order to target them super effectlively. To get your message right through to them, like a laser sharp arrow hits a target spot on.

Again, they are having weight loss problems, and their greatest desire is to be slim. They are struggling with their online business building, and what they want the most is to have a prosperous online business and a known brand.

They are not getting anywhere, because they lack discipline or are not consistent and they really wish to see some results.

The list goes on and on and on.  What do they want? To be a successful online brand, start their own business and quit their 9 to 5 job or be the fittest and slimmest person they ever dreamed of. It doesn't matter as long as your product or service cover their needs.

When you are clear on who they are and send your message out there, clear as crystal, those you are speaking to will eventually find you.

And that is the beauty of attraction marketing and knowing exactly who your target market is.

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