Facebook 6 Deadly Sins – Are You Guilty?

Being on facebook privately is one thing, and you ought to think about what you do, what you post and what you say, if you don’t want to be drawn into dramas and conflicts. The facebook 6 deadly sins are luring just around the corner!

But the moment you even consider using the platform to promote your business, you better revise everything you do carefully if you want any kind of business going on. Because you want to ATTRACT people and customers to you, right, you don’t want to repel them.

There are lots and lots of stuff you can do to attract people and there are certain NO GO’smoni angry you must avoid at all cost!

These ones are the most serious ones, because if you do this, you are not the least professional and you’ll probably fail sooner or later in your attempts to build a profitable business on facebook.

So listen carefully, because they are lethal to your success!


DON’T air your dirty laundry

One of the facebook 6 deadly sins is ranting about negative things in your private life, about friends or something someone did to you. It creates a negative energy around you. Normal people are NOT attracted to negative energies.

I mean, imagine you have a shop and every time a costumers enters you start blabbering about how dumb your ex is or badly you were treated at the grocery store this morning.

Do you think they’ll buy anything from your shop? Or rather get as quick as they can out of there.

Negative talk says more about you as a person than the ones you’re slandering in public.


DON’T express your political opinions.

Some people feel really strongly about politics and you don’t want to upset people.  Especially NOT your potential customers!

Somehow, politics is one of these delicate subjects that will get people flying into a rage and disagreing loudly and furiously with one another, so… DON’T go there. Just, don’t.

They might un-notify or un-friend you on facebook, which will hurt your profile and ratings with facebook.

And even worse, you may put off and scare away people that are watching from the sidelines. The facebook 6 deadly sins are merciless!

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DON’T argue with people

If someone comments negatively on your posts, always respond back with a positive comment.  Turn it around to your advantage, be calm, polite, understanding. They will stand out as rude and ordinary and you will stand out as the complete opposite.

As the good hearted, well educated person you are, it will seem you are being attacked by ferocious trolls with no manners or heart at all. Your friends WILL come to your rescue and speak highly of you and you will come out even stronger – and attractive. 
Tips To Get Free Leads On FacebookSo, ALWAYS respond to negativity with positivity. smiley


DON’T TAG people all the time

This is a hater. How rude is that! Some people tag strangers in their advertising posts as a marketing technique. That is plain out rude and such a low scale technique that only amateurs use.

So, don’t tag people to get them to buy your stuff!  Making friends so you can tag them hoping they’ll buy something or see you is absolutely not going to do anything good for you or your business. On the contrary, people will get annoyed with you and some will report you. Keep that in mind if you don’t want this one of the facebook 6 deadly sins to overrule you.


DON’T pitch or spam

Talking about your product, company and service all the time, posting pictures of it everywhere does NOT work. It’s not a marketing technique in any way. It’s unprofessional, it’s spammy, it’s pitchy and it’s salesy, period. attraction marketing FORMULA

There are much more effective ways to get your message out there and this is NOT one of them. You’ll tire people, they’ll unfriend you and your new friends will get quickly get out of the way, when they see your spammy profile.


Don’t add people as friends without sending them a message.

You know, I really don’t like this. Why do people add me as friend without introducing themselves?? Out of 50 friend requests I think maybe 2 send me a message.

That’s not really a great way to make new connections.

What message does that send the person who was just sent a friend request by a stranger? “I’m not going to bother spending 1 minute writing a message, because I don’t really care about you anyways and I just want  you as friend so you can see my stuff and hopefully buy from me”.

Come on, show some etiquette here!

If you do it the right way, you send a message and show some interest and care in the person you’re addressing – it’s plain politeness. They are much more likely to notice what you are doing and ultimately they may end up becoming a really good friend.

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SO, these are my top facebook 6 deadly sins. I’m sure there is so much more etiquette we ought to learn and know.

It’s a never ending learning process being on social media doing business. Everything changes all the time, however, there are some basics that never change and the above mentioned are definitely some of them.

Make sure to check out my 10 Hot Tips & DO’s on facebook. Once you start doing THOSE  you will start having people actually coming to you asking for YOUR advice!

Have a great day and talk soon!

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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