A Personal Coach – Do you really need one?

“I don't need a coach” or ” I can't afford a coach”. Does this sound familiar?

I think that most of us at one point have had the thought that the luxury of a coach was not for us, but for more privileged  people. Or that taking a coach was a sign of weakness, because we couldn't  figure out things ourselves.

Well, nothing couldn't be more wrong. Hiring a coach will in most cases be THE most important thing you can do and will change the way you run your business. AND most likely the reason to your long term success.

If you ask ANY top earner in this industry they will tell you the exact same. They will also tell you that they hired coaches as well  and that it made the difference between failure and success.  AND that they still spend money and time on coaching!

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Here are some obvious reasons to why coaching is necessary IF you are really serious about you business and having success.

  1. A coach will lead you in the right direction

You might be doing what you have to do, picked your strategy and all. A coach can help you fine tune that strategy so you work super focused and laser targeted.

IF you are NOT sure what to do and have difficulties sticking to one strategy trying out different things all the time, the first thing your coach will do is to help you pick ONE. One that suits you and will give you results.

  1. A coach will keep you accountable

Your coach is there to check up with you that you do what you've agreed. If you have troubles with your discipline this is a issue a coach will address and help you overcome.

  1. A coach will point to the exact training you need.

You don't have to watch all the training you find on your way and a coach knows what you need to watch and what you need to learn. They've also got a lot of valuable insider information, tips and tricks they'll share with you that will help you with your growth.

  1. A coach can see the greatness in you that you cannot yourself.

They can see your potential, your strengths and talents that you have difficulties seeing yourself. A coach will see how you can work and grow in ways you could never have imagined yourself.


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  1. A coach will help you define your vision

Your vision is so important that a coach will make you find it if you haven't already. Our vision of how we want to live our lives is what motivates us to keep going, even when we don't feel like. Your coach will help you ensure that your vision is always up to date. That it is super sharp and clear and that you'll never lose sight of it.

So it really is true, many might think they don't need a coach, because they already know what to to. Or some think that a coach is not for them and that they can't afford it.

Well, if you ask ANY top earner, most will tell you that they wouldn't have made it without a coach.

So if you really want to crush it big time you can not afford NOT to hire a coach at some point – think about it that way and you'll understand what an invaluable investment it is.


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