Accountability – Does It Count?

This past week we have been talking a lot about coaching, discipline and daily routines.

The reason for that is that these are challenges that we are facing ourselves all the time.

You probably know what it’s like when you feel you have found your routine and you implement it over a period of time. Then suddenly, something out of the ordinary happens and then you skip a day, two days, 3 days – and before you know it you suddenly realize that you have skipped weeks!

Getting a routine and being disciplined about it can be really, really hard. For everyone once in a while. However, there are some things we can do to help us along.

Getting Your Routine Settled And Why It Is So Important

Another really important thing you must do if it’s a true challenge to stay focused, is to get an accountability partner.

So what is that?

Basically, it’s a person, could be a friend, that keeps up with you and holds you accountable to what you have planned you will do.

Which means that your accountability partner has your plan or schedule and knows exactly what you have to do. If it’s extremely hard for you to even make a plan and schedule it, a partner can help you crafting that as well.

In some cases that would be a coach you hire. When you hear top earners talk about coaching, most of them tell that they always hire a coach. No matter how successful they are, they still need an accountability partner.

Discipline – 3 Steps To Overcome Your Struggle

But if you at this point cannot afford a coach, ask a good friend to help you out. Ask if they can help you make your plan and, at least once a week, get together and check up with you, your plan and your activities.

You will see what difference it will make in your business that you actually get the things done properly and at the planned time.

It will literally explode your business from one month to the another.

And you will discover that it makes the difference between getting absolutely nowhere and actually moving FAST forward.


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