Did you know that storytelling is one of THE most powerful marketing strategies?

For a decade or more marketing professionals and trendsetters have been urging business owners that telling a story is a must.

The story about the journey, the story about the product, stories about everything.


And so clever marketing people often create the most fantastic stories for their clients – sometimes true, often not at all.

Product packaging is designed to draw a story, most often fake, that make us consumers buy. We love that story on the packaging.

But This is NOT the packaging storytelling I'm about at all. We are talking about the real thing here. The storytelling in our industry must be genuine, authentic and for real.

The story we are looking for here is YOUR particular story and your particular journey. A journey that has often been a difficult one with many obstacles.


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And here lies the power of TRUE storytelling. People love stories. People love to know what lies behind the facade and discover that you are just like them. perhaps not the same struggle, but the feelings and emotions they recognize. work-form-homE

With stories people can relate to you, get to know, trust  you, like you, feel for you and eventually become so attracted to you that they will follow you. As customers, pupils, partners, whatever service it is that you offer.

A good story will be shared thousands of times on social media and good story ensures that your newsletter opening rate will go through the roof.

Especially in newsletter marketing storytelling is very effective. It can, and will once you master, explode your sales and growth.

Imagine you have a list of 5000 subscribers. Your opening rate is fairly good and once a month you send out a new product you created to your list.


Although only a small percentage will take your offer, even if 100 people take action, you will generate a fair amount of cash just from one newsletter.

So if you think that storytelling is not for you, think again. Who wouldn't like to cash in 10, 20 or 50K in just a day or two, because you are so good at telling stories that people can't resist you.


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