Is there a way to create the perfect newsletter?

There is for sure a way to create a really, really good newsletter. A newsletter that captivates and draws in the reader. Engage them and make them feel they really know you and come to like you and your personality. newsletter

And when you gain that trust you can easily throw in some offers once in a while without appearing the least salesy or spammy.

It may not be from the first newsletter you write, but if you are good it will not take long before you’ve got people out there waiting for your daily and weekly updates.

Now, to create a perfect superselling newsletter, storyteling plays a really important part.


Your super offer could consist of these 7 key elements


Tell about how excited you are about what you have created and the story that leads up to what you are offering. Present the name of your offer, package or what whatever else you’d like to sell.


Tell about what your product did to 2-3 people around you. Someone who benefited from that product or service and HOW they benefited.


Explain exactly what the offer consists of. For example, if it’s a course you explain

how you are going to run it and how they, the readers, will participate.


Put in some bonuses for the fast action takers.

Here you offer some extras you put together, could be free training, an extra course, etc.

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Make sure you tell that you only have X amount of spots open or offers available. When they are take there will be no more.


Stress that the bonuses are only available within a certain time slot, could be 48 hours. Or that registration ends at a certain time, after that they’ll have to wait until next time you throw out an offer.


Remember to stress the REAL value of your offer PLUS all the bonuses. It has to be a really good price compared to the value. Too good to resist, actually.

What is important here is that you are NOT trying to convince your readers. You present them with all the facts and information. All you do is that you urge them indirectly to take action by throwing in scarcity and urgency.

It may sound somewhat tricky or manipulative, but it’s not really. You are only putting your readers in a position where THEY have to make up THEIR mind about what they want.

If they feel they need what you have you help them a little bit along to take that decision now and not postpone it.

And  it works like charms. How often haven’t we ourselves taken an offer, because it was SO good value and we did not dare take the chance and wait, because it might disappear.

So when you create those feelings in people where THEY convince themselves, you are much more likely to make sales. If you go into selling mode trying to convince them that they really need to buy, you might get the opposite result, because not many like to sold things.

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