Day 1- Crush it On Instagram. A Powerful Bio Is A Must

Today we start on a 5 days series on Instagram and how you can absolutely explode your business using this INCREDIBLE platform.

April Marie Tucker, known as the Queen of Instagram, made this amazing Instagram course that have I followed. Last week alone I got more than 100 followers and some of them have turned into quality  leads, because they wanted what I offered.

I am shocked and amazed that such little adjustments I made to get my insta-account going.

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I realize now that Instagram is one of THE most powerful social media platforms today. When it comes to personal branding and marketing yourself with attraction marketing this is absolutely the perfect place.

You can build a follower group faster AND easier than anywhere else where they get to know, like and trust you easily.

IF you do it right, that is!

Your Bio

That is why the first thing we’ll look at today is your personal BIO on Instagram. It needs to enticing, irresistible a credible.

If you are anything  like me, you also  have a hard time figuring out how to make a strong, compelling and interesting bio, that people just have to click on.

What is important? How to do it?

Well, thankfully we have mentors that have tested it out for us already. They know what works and what does not.

So you are definitely  in the right place at the right time today! Because I’m going to give you the secrets from the Instagram Queen April Marie Tucker right here, right now.

First of all, no wishy-washy in your Bio. You have 3 seconds to make an impression, so they must be used it well. It must be crystal clear cut, so there’s doubt what you are about.

Who are you

First of all you have to let people know why you are there and who you are. What  is the purpose of your Instagram profile and how you can be of service.

Your profile photo must be really, really appealing here. Smile – and the world smiles back at you. You can’t help liking a smiling person and positivity is of the essence. An appealing photo will invite people to press your link and check out your bio.  eff445e5191b71939ca8c15b1f78c6eb

And if your bio is compelling they might stay around a little more and even check out more about you and what your offer. Using emojies is a perfect way to catch the atttention.

What do you offer

If you want free leads – and tons of them – THIS is essential! Always offer free training or tips in your link.

Could be a link to your capture page where you offer some free training you’ve made, an ebook you wrote or something else of VALUE.

This is the only place you can have a link people can click on, so make it a good one.

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So these 3 things are what your bio should contain as the first step to be crushing it on Instagram.

“Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Feelings And Attract Positive Life Experiences”  Fatina

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