Day 2 Video Marketing – 3 Ways To Find Topics For You Videos. Jump To Our YouTube Channel Here (2)

So you have decided that you need to start making videos and use this marketing strategy to explode your business.

You have chosen wisely, because as we have covered in earlier posts, video is THE way to create an instant connection with your audience.

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Now, finding enough topics to talk about can be difficult in the beginning. We found it was a bit hard to come up with so many topics at the same time UNTIL we got some tips from the pros.

The first tip was really helpful and we have used it to find topics for an entire month at the time and not only for our videos, but for our blog posts, newsletters and facebook live as well.

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1.Google Keyword Planner

If you haven’t got an account you need to get one. If you’re not familiar with the keyword planner I would recommend you watch a video about how to use it.  I did it to avoid spending too much time not knowing what I was doing.

So let’s say you type in “lead generation” and press “get ideas”. You will get a very long list of ideas and “lead generation ideas” is one with a very high search score. So it’s a great topic for a video and this one in particular you can make several videos about, because there are many, many ways to generate leads.

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Make some research on different lead generation ideas, and there you have your content.

In keyword planner you will get HUNDREDS of ideas for each word you type in. You chose the ones you feel you can cover, find content about and create your own content for.


If you are in network marketing for example you want to do your research in those forums. So find forums that are related to your business and start searching for what kind of questions people are asking in there.

Take the questions you find interesting and that are about topics you can relate to and also cover. Make some research and start creating your content to answer those pressing questions people ask in the forums.

3.Ask someone you know very well

The above mentioned methods should provide plenty of topics easily.   However, I have a really good one up my sleeve, that I use a lot
myself. It’s very simple really.

The first thing I do is that I ask Fatina, my sister and partner, “what do you want to know more about”? PLENTY of topics there lol.

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Secondly, I ask myself the exact same question: “Mouni, what do YOU want to know more about? And this one is really the most powerful of them all. Why?

Because you will research your topics really passionately, like you do with any other topic you are interested in and want to know much more about.

And the result is that you will create some really, really cool and great content that way.

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