Day 3 – Crush it On Instagram. Content That Will Explode Your Account

Now that you know what NOT to do on your instagram profile, let’s dive into all the fantastic things you CAN do. Amazing kinds of things and activities that will draw people to you like moths to a flame

Your own personalized content that will show people WHO you are and WHERE you are going. The RIGHT people will get attracted to you immediately!

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These are powerful and most people  just love them, that’s why they are so popular.

If you don’t know what a Meme is, it’s a photo or picture with some text on it. Usually inspirational, motivational and inspiring quotes. It can also be some text you invent yourself, a joke or a specific message you want to get out there.

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They are colourful and inspire people and in a very subtle way they express who you are.


instagram-1581266_960_720-300x298Instagram is constantly improving their video feature. You can now shoot and upload longer videos. Some apps even make video collages for you. This is a great way for others to get a peep into your life and to see and hear you. You can show the world who you and your passions are.


Screenshot are a great way to show what’s going on. What are you working on, what project do you have that are coming up and so on. Have you just written a blog  post or are you hosting a webinar? Well, get that screen shot out there on instagram asap.

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Screenshot will show that you an active person and is a super cool way to brand yourself as a self empowered entrepreneur.


These apps are getting better and better. My favourite is instaframe. It’s absolutely incredible to work with. You can make anything from photo collages to video and even mix both. You can edit and modify each photo or video you upload like I haven’t seen before in any app. You can make slideshows and even add music.

The dynamics of these kind of post are really attractive, you just can’t help watching. And the possibilities are endless and entirely up to our own creativity

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And of course. Photos you have taken. Photos of you, your family, your dog, your life, well even your food – some people still like that.

Real life photos  will always be captivating and attractive, because they show who you are, what you look like, your surroundings and so on. We like that.

We like to see real people, real persons that are very much like we are. Living in that city or country we’ve always wanted to visit. Reading that book we like so much. Having kids the same age as ours or whatever those photos show.

Content is absolutely KING on Instagram and this is how you not only grow your followers, but how you keep them entertained. And ultimately attracted to what you offer.


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