Day 3 – Video Marketing. 4 Crucial Ingredients To Make The Perfect Video.

Now, after doing your thorough research searching for really god topics and making a long list of those topics the time has come to creating the content for your video.

Day 1 – Why Is Video Marketing So Powerful and Why Do You Need It?

There are some really basic rules on how to compose a perfect video. There are 4 ingredients that you NEED to put in there – if you want results.


Introduce yourself. Your name, what you do, how you help others and so on. But do not make it too long.


You have between 6-8 seconds to grab people’s attention so they stay to watch your video to the end. That is why it’s a very good idea is to ask a question that addresses their problem struggle or pain.

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So, the topic that you want to talk about, make it into a question and ask that question just after introducing yourself.

My intro would go something like: ” Hey there, this is Mouni from the I have a question for you today – how would you like to know how to sign up more reps and make more sales in your business?

Now, I would definitely stay around to hear how that works. How about you? Try also to create some curiosity, so they’ll stick around till the end.

Day 2 – Video Marketing. 3 Ways To Find Topics For You Videos


This is what people are waiting for. The content. This is where YOU provide value. You help others by answering that pressing question they have. Content is king they say and that is really true.

4.Call to action

What is the next step?

If you do not tell people what to do after watching your video you are leaving money on the table. An that is the truth.

This is the first thing you are taught in any marketing class. Your call to action is how you grow your business. It could be a link to something that will help them with that struggle you have just been giving ONE solution for.

Could be a link to your blog post, a capture page with more free training or your own e-book on that very same topic. If your audience really want to know more they will go to the free training or whatever  you are offering them.

The important thing is that they have to opt-in through a capture page to get it, so you collect their email. This is how you build your list and where you start building relationship with your list.

PS. If you are already building your list of emails, but have trouble knowing how to build a relationship with your leads this course below could be just what you are looking for

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