Day 4 – Video Marketing. Call Them To Action

So this week we went through the perfect video you can make to create an audience and
attract them to you.

Yesterday we outlined the 4 critical ingredients your video should have and TODAY leadership-development1we will talk about ingredient number 4 – CALL TO ACTION.

The reason why we want to go through that one again, is because it is so important for your business that you remember your call to action. This is where and how you actually physically grow your business. This is how you get your leads (emails) and this is how you get your customers.

Your call to action is the lifeblood of your business.

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You can make hundreds of videos with tons of amazing, desirable content, but if you do not offer anything at the end of your video you will not make any sales or get any leads.

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So, at the end of your video, where you prepare to finish, telling your audience that you hoped they got value from your content, this is where you “call to action”

The link that you enclose with your video could be leading to a capture page, where you offer more free training about the same topic or it could be to your newsletter if you have one.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”ultimateleadgenformula” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left” buttonstyle=”button-orange-flat”]It could also lead to an ebook you wrote, a pdf with 10 tips on something really valuable, another video or a blueprint, roadmap or whatever that could be interesting to your audience.

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The important thing is that what you offer is “behind” a capture page where people must put in their email to get the free content.

This is how you get your leads for free and build your list. Your list is your business.

This is actually where many they fail. They are working like crazy making videos and really cool content, but they don’t make any money or grow their business. Simply because they do not tell people what the next step is.

You don’t have to make a sale every time someone watches your video, but for each email you collect you get the possibility of a sale.

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That is why using video to put content out there for other people, who needs it, is such an amazing way to draw the attention towards you.

And ultimately have them visiting your blog, capture page, you tube channel or whatever else you would like them to do.

In the end you are helping them find a solution to their challenge and that is what it is about.


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