Day 5 – Video Marketing, The Importance Of Promoting

You have finally started on your video marketing strategy. You have researched your market, you have made your list of video topics, you have created your content, composed and recorded your video.

You have also gotten your call-to-action link in place with your video and uploaded the whole lot to your new you tube channel.

So now what? Do you sit and wait for people stumble over your video?

Not at all. What you do now is that you start promoting the heck out of your video.

You post it on your personal facebook page. You share it on your facebook  fanpage if you have one. You embed it into your blog post you made about the same topic. You make sure it pops up on the front page on your web site or blog as well.

Basically, you share it on ALL your social media accounts.

What we do is that we usually embed our videos into our blog posts and share them everywhere.

We upload the videos to youtube first, where we add a link to our blogpost in the description area. Then we copy the “youtube link” and paste it into our blogpost.

Then we've also put a video slideshow on our homepage on our blog  to make sure that our videos comes up many different places.

video-marketingNow, another thing you can do to get traffic to your youtube channel is to use facebook groups to promote your videos.  If you are in network marketing there are hundreds and hundreds of groups on facebook that you can join. You just type “network marketing” or something similar into the search bar and you will get lot's of result.


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Once you start joining groups facebook will start suggesting you join more groups.

If you start posting your videos  in these groups every day you will start getting a lot of attention from other marketers. Marketers that might need some of the knowledge that you have.

This is a great way to build your brand. And by far one of the fastest ways to get your voice out there.

So this was the conclusion to the 5 days video marketing blitz. Do your videos on a regular basis, post them everywhere and you'll see you start getting results real fast.

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