Educate Yourself Or Get Lost..?

Here's a question we stumbled over many, many times since we joined this industry.

Why does it not go without saying that you need to study and get some kind knowledge and skills, when you enter the home business industry?

Isn't it known and recognized that the LONGER you attend school or university the better your are changes for getting THE job?

A really good and WELL paid job. So education in our society is a MUST. It's a well known fact. NO education. NO good jobs. So WHY is it that in the home business industry education is NOT taken seriously at  ALL? Even scorned and laughed at.


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It seems that everywhere else but in THIS area you DON’T need to educate yourself… Well, NO WONDER  97%  FAIL in the home biz industry!!

If people refuse to study HOW to run a home based business, HOW on earth can they expect to succeed? If a person refuses to study law HOW can he/she expect to succeed as a Lawyer?

Just asking… So the point here is quite obvious. WE know more than anyone HOW important it is to educate yourself – for many reasons.


FREE Instagram Video Demo & 10-Point PDF 'Cheat-Sheet' to help you get 21+ Red Hot Leads Per Day for YOUR Business!

Firstly, you cannot help others if you don’t know how to. Education shows you how to. Secondly, with the proper education you know what to expect and you know what it takes.

Thirdly, you become more disciplined and persistent, because you have learned EXACTLY what you need to do. So instead of lashing out in the dark not knowing what you’re doing or why you're doing it, you become laser focused targeting and implementing.


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And that’s the exact same that will happen with ANY kind of job you do, when you have taken the proper education. You become a PRO.

So key to success is finding yourself a good platform to start schooling yourself. And the sooner you start the better!

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