Facebook Live Part 3. 9 Important Tips To Your Facebook Live

 Now, before going live here are some really important things you must NOT miss to do, if you want to grow your audience from the beginning.

Doing Facebook Live is a really effective and kick butt way to build your business, but you’ve got to do it right, not leaving out any of the 4 essential ingredients we talked about yesterday.

And also these tips will ensure that you really do get results using this strategy.

1.Make announcement in advance

This is actually very, very important. I must admit that we very often forget it and that is why some of our lives have very little audience.

So announcing your live, more than once, is a very good idea if you want lots of friends turning up. Could be 1 hour before and then again 10 minutes before. [mlsp-cta campaign=”livestreamleads” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”right” buttonstyle=”button-blue-flat”]

A really great idea is to have it scheduled at the exact same time every day, so people know when you’re on. Do a picture with your logo and schedule and post it every morning, for example.

2.Write a great description before going live

A great description captures the attention of your friends. Make it intriguing to create curiosity. “What is the number ONE thing you must NOT do on Facebook”, for example.

Remember to leave your call-to-action link in the description as well.

3.Use emojis & tags

We love emojis. Emojis are fun, attractive, expressive, colourful and they brighten up the text, emphasizing it. So definitely use emojis, they are fun.

Yes, you can actually use tags on facebook. Not too many though – I personally think that no more than 2 at the most. I’ve heard over and again from experts on facebook algorithms that you must be careful using tags, facebook doesn’t like them.

A great idea is to create your own tag, your logo, name or short tagline that defines you. Tags ensures that your content comes up in the searches people make.

4.Say hello to your friends as they pop up

Remember to say hello to your friends as they join your broadcast, people like that a lot. This is how engage your friends and make them feel special. This is a really nice and personal gesture.

5.Get to the point ASAP (It’s being recorded)

Don’t waste you’re time waiting for people to jump on. Nobody might jump on in the beginning, but it’s being recorded, so many will watch it later.

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So DON’T make them wait. Most probably they will jump off if you don’t start introducing your topic from the beginning.

6.Respond to peoples messages, and answer questions (comment afterwards also)

When people ask you questions in the comments section, try and answer them as you go along. This is a powerful way to engage your audience.

Also answer the question afterwards in the comments, if you didn’t have time to do it live or if someone asks a question after the broadcast.

7.Create some content for your live

Your content for your live should be engaging. It could be some kind of education, tips, tricks and advice you want to share.

Motivational talks are very popular and that is because it’s for everyone, not only for marketers. If you want to grow your audience fast then doing a lot of motivational is a way to do that. Inspire people with a morning motivation for example.

8.Make an Q & A

Engage your people with a LIVE Q & A. This is super powerful. I personally love this type of engagement, because it really makes you stand out as an authority, when you are able to answer questions LIVE.

9.Share and invite friends while you are live

You can do this yourself, but it may distract you while you’re talking so having someone helping you, could be a good idea.

While you are live share the link into groups for example. This you must do from another unit (ipad or laptop) and that’s why it’s a good idea have someone helping you. If that is not possible you can, with some practice do it yourself.

Also, use the function “invite friends” to your live. They will get a notice that your inviting them and that you are doing a live broadcast. If they don’t have time to watch you, they now know that you did a live and may watch the recording.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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