Getting Your Routine Settled And Why It Is So Important

One of the biggest struggles many of us have and have had when running our own business is definitely self discipline and finding a proper routine.

Lack of discipline can be a total killer and will prevent you from ever having success in your business.

Often we don’t even know that lack of discipline is our problem. We run around doing million of things, a little bit here, a little bit there. And still not getting the big results we are working SO hard for.

What we do not realize is that we most probably are keeping  ourselves REALLY busy, BUT we are not being PRODUCTIVE.

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So what do I mean by that? Well, being busy is easy. You get lots of things done, but take a look at the things you are doing. Are they productive? Will doing them every day bring you closer to your goal? Are they money producing activities?

For example, watching training videos all the time without implementing what you learn immediately is keeping yourself busy. It’s NOT being productive.

Scrolling through your news feed on Facebook or spending weeks on building your blog are NOT productive activities.

Implementing the tips and strategies you’ve just learned, interacting with new people on facebook and actually writing your blog posts is super productive.

And this is where your ROUTINE comes into play. Incorporating and building up a daily routine is PARAMOUNT, when working in your own home based business.

And that is because a daily routine ensures that you get the most important activities done. Your money producing activities. And even more important, routine prevents you from being overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to get done.

So HOW do you start building up your routine?

A good way to start is to start with ONE simple activity. That could be engaging with 5 new people on facebook every day at a certain time of the day. Do that one thing EVERY day at the same time.

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Do it for 3 weeks without skipping a day. After 3 weeks this activity will be part of your routine and since you will also see that you are getting results, you will continue to do it, because it actually works.

When your first activity is so much part of your daily routine that you wouldn’t forget to do it or skip it you can start incorporating one more activity.

If you are doing your activity nr 1  in the morning, settle your activity nr 2 in the afternoon.

After 3-4 weeks when your 2 main activities are settled and you do them without skipping then incorporate your activity nr 3 – in the evening for example.

If you are struggling with discipline it is essential that you do your 3 core activities at a certain time every day!

What is really important is that you do NOT start on a new activity until you dominate the first one. And if that takes more than 3 weeks it doesn’t matter, just wait until the time is right.

Also, write it down! Make a schedule like the one we had at school and write your activities into that schedule.  Use your smart phone and set it up to remind you at the right time.

So all in all, it is possible for anyone to get a personal routine settled if you really set your mind to it and track it carefully.


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