So the core of attraction marketing that we have spoken and written about over and over again is YOUR brand.

We usually asociate branding with big corporates and firms, but what we don’t realize is that we all have a brand. What do I mean by that we all have a brand? Are You A Seller Or Are You An Advisor

Well, our brand is the way we are perceived out there – that is your brand.  In marketing when you post and spam products all over you are branding yourself as a seller, just to give an example.

Some would call that lack of brand, I would call it lack of brand awareness. When you are not aware of how come through out there you lack, in my opinion, brand awareness.

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So let’s put up some easy steps to get your brand together.



Brand awareness. This is the first thing you will have to look at. You NEED to be aware of your own brand. How do people out there on social media see you. Take a look at your profile and see what you post.

Ask a good friend how they perceive your online presence. I do that myself once in a while to make adjustments. Sometimes you don’t like what you hear, but it’s really necessary and the first thing is to be aware.


Think about who and what you would like to be. What are your aspirations? Do you want to be an advisor, who helps other marketers with their online marketing? Or do you aspire to be a super blogger helping people with your informational blog posts?

10 Steps To Get Your Blog Up And Running

Find out and start being that person. On social media act like you are already there. I’m NOT telling you should lie, on the contrary. I am telling you to behave AND do the things an advisor does. That is giving advice. Learn something new and drip your tips and tricks on social media.

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Find YOUR value. The value that only you can put into the marketplace. Perhaps you are an excellent people’s person and enjoy engaging with others listening to their stories or you are more of writer and loves to be creative that way. It’s about finding YOUR greatness and how you can contribute and impact other people.


Find out which strategy you prefer to use when branding yourself. Do you want to use facebook , instagram or linkedin. Find the platform that fits your way of working.

Where Instagram is a lot more about images and short videos facebook is a bit of everything. Images, videos, live video, long written updates, etc. Pick the one that resonates with how you want your personal brand to come through out there.

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Start investing in yourself. You really need that if you want to help others. If you like to write get a course on how to create your own newsletters. If you are a peoples person get a course on how to engage with people the right way.

What you learn you can teach others and this will strengthen your personal brand incredibly. People will actually start coming to you for advice.

And this is the essence of branding. This is what it is about. It’s about having a strong personal brand, becoming an authority and attract people to you.

It’s a must if you want real long term success in any field. Because your brand will survive although your business shuts down. And it will be much easier to build your new business, because people already know, like and trust you.


PS. Starting branding yourself can be difficult without knowing exactly what to do. This education system is the perfect way to get started – we use ourselves and it’s made a huge difference in our business. Check it out here.



“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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