Why Making A Plan Is More Important Than You Think

Just started in the home business and feeling you're getting absolutely nowhere? Or you really want to get things done, but don't seem to find a daily routine?


Fatina Making Our Plan

You know, these things happened to me as well and to most entrepreneurs, I think.

What I found was the best solution to get my routine settled and to get disciplined enough to get it going was very simple actually.

Making a plan.

I was sitting today wondering what to write about and almost settled for not doing it, because I didn't have a topic.

And the reason why I didn't have a topic was that I have not made my plan for October. September 30th was the last day on my previous plan and I had forgotten to get my October plan done.

Fatal! And a complete stupid reason for losing my routine, when it's so simple to get it into place.

So more than ever, today I felt  HOW important it is to have a plan made and ready many days before implementing it.

And that's something I thought was really important to share. About sitting down and making your monthly plan – today!

So let's do this.  The next month has 4 weeks, so what I'm gonna do is to chose 4 online marketing topics I want to cover this next month and share with other marketers.
If you are not into educating yourself and share what you learn with other marketers and only concentrate on contacting new prospects for your network marketing business you may want to chose another approach.

That could be who you should contact and how to do it and then put that into your monthly plan.

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So, what I do is that I take ONE topic per week and divide it into 5 bits – 5 techniques within that topic. So for each day of the week, 5 days the week, I have a subject I want to write about and make a video about.

This is very powerful, because in the morning I take my plan and know EXACTLY where to start and WHAT to do.

AND if I don't do it I'll have to do twice the work the NEXT day, because I don't want to skip anything. I want to tick off that “box”, and mark that day as accomplished.

That's how a plan helps me and assures that I stay on track and keep doing my stuff on a daily basis.

And that is WHY I really understood today HOW important having a plan is.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.  Send Message 

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