We’ve talked a lot about newsletters lately and there is a reason for that.

A newsletter can be an extremely powerful tool. Why?

Well, keeping your list of people, emails you have collected for your business, entertained and engaged is much more important than you might realize. You’ve got all these email and behind these emails are persons.

If you just leave them there unattended, then you might as well not collect them. What for? Nothing is going to happen in that direction that’s for sure. work-form-homE

Now, if you start being communicative and interact with your email list you will discover a new way to position and market yourself. It’s a perfect way to brand yourself. Especially if you do the newsletters together with your blog. You start making a relationship to your visitors that subscribe to your newsletter. That’s powerful.

However, having a newsletter and just sending out offers or promotions is not the best way to brand yourself. That would be you in selling mode and most people don’t like that.

The idea is to get your subscribers to OPEN your letters and actually read them.

And HOW do you do that? You do that by composing enticing subject lines and writing entertaining stories. The purpose is to get some information of value to your readers, could be a blog post, and ultimately some kind of offer at the bottom line that could be beneficial to them.

So it’s about being a good storyteller and good at catching attention. And here we come to the importance of storytelling. You can read more about storytelling in this post here.

The thing is that running a newsletter regularly, opens up a new way for you to reach your target market that wasn’t there before. But it’s a gate of one way communication and that’s why you really must chose you strategy wisely. You have NO idea what you make people feel or think unless they respond back to you.


That’s why it’s almost a must to be personal so people get to know you better and see you as a person in flesh and blood and note some bot spitting out advertising.

The thing is that the more personal the letters are the more response you will get.

It’s up to you how personal you want to be and which part of your life you give them a peep into.

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You must definitely practice your storytelling, because the storytelling is ultimately what can explode your sales. Yes, even though you are not sending out a sales letter.

What you do is just pointing people to some product you recommend,  could be related to your story or not. You show your readers where they can get what they need, IF they need it. Not because YOU want them to buy, but because THEY need that product or service.

The bottom line is, make sure to make it about THEM and not about you.

And yes, you can tell a story about yourself, people love that. And the reason we love that is that we can relate, when we find that a person has very similar feelings to ourselves.

I know a lady, who has the tiniest list, but is such an amazing storyteller. She makes sales with practically every newsletter she sends out – and that is daily – with some product or service she recommends. And that is because her readers absolutely adore her and trust her.

When she has a product launch or some special offer coming out her sales explodes from one single newsletter. Simply because  3-5 % of her readers took action. So imagine what that does to your business when you make 100 sales by writing ONE single letter and push the “send” button. Powerful, right.

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