So How Do You Know If Your Online Marketing Strategy Is The Right One when you haven’t got any results yet?

You have started marketing your business online and you are learning new online marketing strategy techniques, but like with anything new it might take some time before you start getting any results.

So you continue working your new online marketing strategy and nothing happens and you start questioning the strategy. Does it actually work?

Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right track? Will this work at all for me?

I think that these are some of the most common questions people have, especially when starting on the online attraction marketing venture.

(If you don’t know what attraction marketing is, learn more here)

I had them myself for sure. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. All though I kept doing what I just learned I had my doubts.

Then I got this incredible piece of advice from a top earner in the education platform we are both members of and what he told made SO much sense.

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It completely changed my way of thinking. It gave me reassurance and most importantly, strenght!

So these are the 3 key questions you need to ask yourself EVERY time you doubt your own online marketing strategy

1.Is there proof that what I’m doing worked for others?

Is the online marketing strategy you chose one you have learned from someone, who had immense results using it or even inventing it?

If so, this strategy has proven to give results to people before you. There is NO doubt that this will work for you as well. It’s a method that works, therefore you can be sure of that.

Do you feel you are not getting results fast enough?

Well, some people get results immediately and for others it will take a bit longer. That depends on the way you work and your daily method of operation.

I know for sure that I could have gotten results MUCH faster had I done things exactly like I was taught. However, I chose to work a little slower and therefore results took longer to tick in.

So, either you are impatient or you have to check out if you are doing exactly what you are learning and doing it consistently on a daily basis.

If other people have built an “empire” and you are implementing their online marketing strategy, it definitely works. So THAT is what you have to keep in mind EVERY moment of the process.

It worked for them, it will work for you. You must give it time and be consistent.

This is your answer.

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2.Is the outcome what I truly want?

Do you really want to be successful? Is that what you are striving for?

If you are implementing a training to become an internet marketing coach, is that really what you want?

You really must think about this carefully, because if your answer is NO, you are on the wrong track for sure.

Find out what you really want before you jump into some new online marketing strategy, course, training or whatever it might be. Don’t do it just because it’s popular, the latest fad or simply because someone told you to. That is an approach that most probably will lead you out on a side track and perhaps even failure.

So make sure that the outcome is really what you are looking for.

3.Does it scare me or makes me feel uncomfortable?

This is one of the issues most are having when implementing a new strategy, where making relations with new people is one of the most important factors.

Does it scare you that you have to talk to new people every day? Does it scare you to write a blog post and publish it? Does it scare you to post 3 times a day on Instagram?

Do you feel really uncomfortable implementing this new strategy? The answer should be a huge YES. It SHOULD make you uncomfortable.


Because you are stretching yourself, stepping out of your own comfort zone, exposing yourself to other people’s views and opinions. THAT is scary, and that might make you feel really, really uncomfortable.

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So, this is HOW you find out if you are on the right track with your online marketing strategy even though you don’t have great results yet.

If you can say yes to these 3 questions you ARE on the right track working your way to lasting results.

Embrace the strategy and keep doing what you are learning and trust the process – it’s the only way forward.

If you want results faster, well, then just stretch yourself a little more.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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