FogM2We often thought about what happened to the dreams we used to have and why they suddenly faded away? What on Earth happened?

It seems as if life went in another direction than what we had alwasy hoped for. However, our time didn’t get consumed by an education and later a job we really didn’t like, but HAD to do.

Life just seemed to pass and turn into a routine, day in day out. NOT exactly what we had imagined OUR life should look like.

We used to dream of being able to travel the world, meet new people, make new friends, have the freedom to live and be where we wanted and when we wanted. Because, all though we were entrepreneurs we never had the time freedom.

So when we found attraction marketing we made the decision, once and for all, to never ever again accept status quo and do something about it to make those dreams come true!

And we have such a strong desire to make a huge difference, not only in our own lives, but in as many other people’s lives as possible.

We really believe that the world can be a much better place AND that we can contribute to that change we wish for.

You see, we found that from the moment you make that one decision, knowing there is NO turning back, and take massive action AMAZING things start happening.And miracles, however small they are, start occurring.

It’s incredible what the RIGHT decision brings your way!  So here we are, well on our way living our dream and hoping to inspire others, including YOU,  to do exactly the same!


Fati & Mouni

As you might already have guessed we are sisters. You know, real sisters, same mom and dad, grew up together and so on.

We were born and grew up in Denmark in the country South of Copenhagen.

Out of a group of 7 sisters and brothers we were the last two born into this world. There are only 15 months between us and we were always called the  “little ones”, so we were very close from the beginning, sticking together like twins.

We did almost everything together since we were very little, especially when were having these amazing, incredible ideas we tried to put into practice or were engaging in doing some kind of childish mischief.

Yes, we had much fun, adventures and projects during those years, still have and many, many more to come.




14689292_10154609199362760_1783995703_oAfter completing high school we both moved abroad,  Fatina moved to the UK and Mouni moved to Spain, The Canary Islands. All though we both lived abroad in two different countries we practically never separated.

At least never in spirit and here we are today sharing the same dream. Our burning desire to build a strong and solid business has been part of our nature since we were very young.

And specially the idea to help a huge bunch of people on our path, so they can fulfill their dreams and desires just like we do.


I lived in the Island of Lanzarote for 20 years, worked as a graphic designer for 10

and when I became a mum I was so fortunate that I could bring up my babies by myself and enjoy their first years fully.

Eventually we got the opportunity to take over a beautiful silver jewellery shop, which I managed together with Fatina and our mom. I still had time for my sweet kids, Eleonora and Alfredo, and even got one more, Emilio at that time we were retailing silver jewellery.

Unfortunately, in 2008 the financial global crisis put a stop to the prosperous times for tourism in our corner of the world and after 20 years in Spain I decided to move back to Denmark. My kids were delighted, they loved it and especially their new Danish school

lanzarote-beaches-ElCharoVerdeorGreenlake-is-alagoon-declared-nature-reserve-smallI finished what I had started when I left Denmark and completed a Master in Economics, Marketing and Communication at the Business University in Copenhagen.

When I finished in 2015, I didn’t really know what to do next. Getting a good and well paid job in Copenhagen was really difficult for me having lived abroad all those years.


And all though I ended up with a fresh degree in communication, marketing & economics in my pocket I just didn’t have the working experience. I had been self employed my entire life in two different kind of businesses. Graphic Design and later Silver Jewellery retail, where I also learned to make custom jewellery.

In April 2015 my sister introduced me to network marketing and after Monihaving a close look at the company she was working with I found this business and distribution model absolutely genius, so I jumped in over exited about this new journey.

Since November 2015 I’ve been studying and educating myself to become a professional online attraction marketer – in traditional economics that would be a content marketer. Today we do workshops, live webinars, coaching and training both online and offline.

We help other marketers AND traditional business owners make their passion profitable by teaching them the POWER of attraction marketing.

It’s about the best thing I have ever been working with and I absolutely love helping others getting success applying strategies that is a good fit for them.



I moved back to Denmark in 1998 with my little girl, got 2 more kids over the next 10 years, completed studying Chraneo-sacral, Nutrition and Anathomy in Copenhagen.

I was introduced to Network Marketing around 2006 the first time and started working with a company in the Healthand Nutrition industry. I actually never succeeded making a living out of it and ended up just buying for myself, friends and family at wholesale prices.

It was difficult to make money half time with this company all though they had great products and I loved using them.


So, what happened next was my Beautician and friend showed me her new product line and company outline and I knew immediately that THIS was it!

fati3This was the kind of company I had been waiting and looking for. I was over thrilled and excited and starting instantly getting my closest family into the business.

Four of them sticked to it with me, the rest of them are our customers, and here we are succeeding in building a strong team and making our way towards our true dreams.

And you know what the best part is? That we are part of a movement that gives back hope to people all over the world.