Why Searching For The Online Marketing Silver Bullet Will Only Lead To Frustration AND Failure

Today I want to talk a little bit about this topic, because I find that it is very common. Especially in online marketing, we tend to think that there must be ONE way, a silver bullet, that is THE way to success. Fast. Here and now. And that this “Magic Secret” is known by the top earners, but they wont share it with us.

You just feel that there is a piece in the puzzle you are missing out on big time for you to be able to connect the dots.

What I have learned over the past two years in online marketing is that there is NO missing link, No magic bullet.

The top earners have NOT used a magic silver button to get where they are now and all though they might have SOME secrets they are not sharing with everyone, they know that the ONLY way to success is FOCUS, CONSISTENCY and HARD WORK.


With the magic bullet idea out of the way, let's look at why this aimless search will lead to frustration and ultimately failure and WHY  being focused is perhaps the most important work ethic you'll need.

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When it comes to social media there is no platform being better than the one you focus on. While some are crushing it on facebook, Instagram is not working for them at all. Some find Twitter the best platform, while others use Snapchat or Linkedin.

I've seen well known and successful  6 figure earners with absolutely no activity on Instagram for example. Why? Because they are using other channels than Instagram to promote their brand. What all these marketers have in common is this: they concentrate and focus on ONE platform and strategy only. That's it.

And this is what being focused means. Focus on one platform only AND stick with it! Once you get bored, because you feel nothing happens and start jumping around from platform to platform you are doomed. Doomed to fail.

Why? Because you need to put in the work behind your strategy over time to get the results you desire. No 6 figure earner started out with 20.000 followers on Instagram or leads pouring into their autoresponder every day. No, they build it up from scratch. They started out with 100 followers and no leads at all – just like you.

I know, because I've been there too. If I hadn't stayed focused on my strategy I wouldn't have the results I'm getting today. I was jumping around my first 8 months and all though I concentrated on blogging, every time we had a training about a new platform I thought I had to do be on that platform as well.

And that is impossible! You can not be everywhere – not when you're brand new starting out.

Once you stay focused and put ALL your energy and work behind one single platform you will grow and your business will grow.

And once you do that you will not have time to get frustrated. IF that happens you might have to readjust your expectations. And what I mean by this is that if you expect amazing results from day one, you will be disappointed.

Expect no or very little results in the beginning, when you are building your foundation. And remember even the smallest accomplishments is a victory – a result. They are signs that what you are doing is actually having an impact on someone out there. A sign that what you are doing is having an effect.

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Results are not just sign-ups. Results are when you get likes, comments, messages, people reaching out to you. Now, your response to those small results in the beginning is what defines your success. If you ignore them, don't expect much. But if you see and treat them like openings and react to them, reaching out to people, you may see some pretty nice results real quick.

It's a process and you have to work consistently on a daily basis for a good while. And that is why if you are everywhere, doing a little bit here and a little bit there it will take much longer time. Perhaps years before anything happens. This is where frustration takes over and the reason so many give up.


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A time frame? I would say you need to work your one strategy for a minimum of 6 months, before you add a new one.

It's really all up to you. Everything depends on how you react to those first small signs and reactions in the beginning that you get. If you don't react and expect that others should take action you are only placing the responsibility on someone else – not on yourself and nothing will EVER happen this way. Nothing.

So, in my opinion, the Magic Silver Bullet do exist and it's really, really powerful, once you discover what it is and what it is NOT, you become unstoppable!  This is the one: Take over responsibility for your own success and STOP searching for quick fix silver bullets. You and only YOU can make this happen. YOU are the Silver Bullet and once you understand this you WILL succeed.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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