So what EXACTLY do I mean by that?  Well, the point is this:  do you want to be a seller or do you want to be an authority and  trusted advisor?



You pick and choose EXACTLY what YOU want to become and HOW you come across out there  in the marketplace and social media.

To cut it out in black and white: out in the marketplace there are  2 types of  marketers. You’ll find the seller and you’ll find the advisor/attraction marketer

Which one of the two do you reckon YOU are? Seller or advisor?

The seller goes for the sale and approaches people with that in mind. The seller talks about products, services or opportunity.  If you talk about your products mostly, dripping links all over the place, I’m afraid you look pretty much like someone, who’s selling something. That is, a seller – or a sales person if you like.

The advisor/attraction marketer approaches people to make relations. The advisor ask questions and based on the answer offers advice or help.  Social networking

If you show interest in the people around you and ask questions to know more about them, then you stand out as someone who cares about other people. And IF you suggest solutions or come up with some kind of cool advice or tip on top of your exceptional listening skills  you will DEFINITELY stand out as a trustworthy person and a super cool advisor.

The great  difference between the 2 techniques is that the moment you  STOP selling or promoting your stuff, you’re business stops. You have been “building” short term relations, so to speak. To keep business going you NEED to keep selling.

Therefore, when your main focus is to meet people, who need help and you actually HELP them – guess what happens….  Those people will not only come back to you over and over again, they will also RECOMMEND you to others. Your reputation will GROW and you are building LONG term.

Goal: you are positioning yourself as trustworthy and reliable. People, EVEN your cold market will feel much more inclined to BUY what YOU have. Your products, your services, your opportunity.

So what do YOU prefer? Which one of the two do YOU  aspire to be? The seller (creates resistance) The advisor (attracts)

Which one do YOU want to be? Think about it. It’s probably THE most important decision you will take that will define the future of your business.

Have a great day!

PS. If you want to know HOW to become a trusted advisor watch my video where I explain attraction marketing to you.


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