How Do You Succeed With Online Marketing?

In the last weeks posts we've talked about the importance of attraction marketing and how you can get started easily, even if you haven't heard about it before.

So you get started, you start doing some changes in the way you approach people, but how do you really succeed?

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Well, that's really a trick question, because the first and most important thing you need to do when you start a new strategy is to NOT quit.  So let's assume that – no quitting.


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So first ingredient of success is to:

Ingredient 1. Make your plan

Making and preparing you plan is perhaps THE most important ingredient, apart from quitting of course. Without a plan you are lost. You'll most probably keep very busy during the day and not getting anything really important done. belief system

So make a plan, a 3 months plan is recommendable – also called a 90 days blitz. Find out what you need to do on a daily basis to reach your goal.

Ingredient 2. Invest in yourself

This one we cannot stress enough, because it's a must. Courses, seminars and most importantly, get yourself a coach. A coach can help you see your strengths, value and talents and how you can use them.  A coach will keep you accountable and a coach will even help you make your plan.

If you want to make money you got to invest money. It's that simple. But make sure to invest your money in the right things.

Ingredient 3. Stick to your plan

Once you found your attraction marketing strategy and made your plan, stick to that one. Do not, I repeat do not, change strategy, because you don't get immediate results. The worst thing you can do is to jump around from method to method looking for the magic bullet. It's called the “shiny object syndrome” and it's a killer.

There is no better way, there is only you and the effort you put into your strategy and your plan.

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Ingredient 4. Stay consistent.

Do what you have to and do it every day. There are people out there watching and following you and that will come to an end if you are not consistent. You might not see or hear them yet, but believe me, they are there and the number will increase accordingly with your consistency.

No breaks or long pauses, you'll lose the authority you've gained and have to start all over again.

Ingredient 5.  Share your knowledge with the world

Attraction marketing is all about sharing. It's about sharing YOUR knowledge, the value you have and can pass on.

Invest in yourself, make your plan, stick to your plan, do it consistently and share what you've learned is what ultimately attract people to you. And that how you ultimately will succeed.

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