Why Video Marketing?

 Video is a REALLY POWERFUL marketing tool. If you do it right you can obtain explosive results in your online marketing.

 The reason why video is so powerful is that people usually will only work with or buy from somebody they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.


Video makes that connection INSTANTLY.  When we see and hear people we feel we know them and the more we see them the MORE we fell we really know them.

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Instead of a static picture or just some fancy text we can see that they are real persons, just like ourselves. And that is simply because we see them live and hear their voices. It’s really powerful.

So video marketing is definitely THE method if you want to brand yourself really, really fast.

How do you GET STARTED?

It’s very simple and easy and you can start right now. All you need is your smart phone or your laptop and something clever to say. Something that THEY want to hear.

So in today’s post we’ll cover step 1 in your video marketing strategy, which is as follows:

 Research Your Market with Google Keyword Planner

searchingWhat should you talk about in your video?

You must research your market to know HOW you can attract them TO you. Find out what their struggles and their pains are? What questions do they need answers to?

So to find that out, there are several things you can do. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find out how many searches a specific keyword has been searched for on Google.

Let’s say you search for “lead generation” – that is a common topic.

Google keyword planner will show you HOW MANY searches for that keyword a month AND it will also show you an entire LIST of keywords that are related to the one keyword you just typed in.

So you will know, first of all,  if “lead generation” is a common topic that many people search for. So if it’s a common question your target has, then you can make a video about that.

ALSO, with all the related keywords that came up, you now have an entire list of new topic ideas for your next videos.

Research Your Market Going to Forums and Groups.

Using forum and groups to find out what people are struggling with in network marketing  is a really great way to find topics for your videos.

So in these groups you will see all the questions that people ask other group members and some will be really great topics for your videos. Especially the ones that are asked many times by lost of different people.

Make A List Of Topics For Your Videos

So now you are ready with lots of ideas for your videos. Write down ALL the ideas you get for your videos.  Write down more at least between 20 and 30 topics so you have content for an entire month at the time.

old fashion vintage pen with book

That will make a very good start, especially if you decide to challenge yourself and do a video a day.


Tomorrow we’ll go through step 2 of your video marketing strategy:

How to convert your topics into REAL valuable content people NEED and the 4 important ingredients your video MUST have.

So make sure to stay tuned!


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