What Is A Blog?

This may sound like a really silly question to someone who knows about blogging, but the thing is that not everyone knows such basic things as what a blog really is.

So to start somewhere, a blog is basically a personal journal, or diary if you like, where you share your thoughts, knowledge and ideas with the world.

It varies how personal it is depending on the message you want to send out there. Some run a really personal blog sharing their ups and downs and daily life with their followers. Others run a more knowledge based blog, where you can find thorough step-by-step guides, tips, tricks and advice on ANYTHING. socialmedia

Physically a blog is a website hosted on a web server owned by a web hosting company. What makes it different from a “normal” website are the so called “posts”.

Your last entry, post, will usually be displayed on the front page or your homepage of your site.

So what makes a blog so special is that it is some kind of a log book – hence the name “blog”, derived from “weblog” originally – and it is YOUR unique voice that makes yours stand out from others out there.

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When being an entrepreneur running your own business, and especially when you are selling a product or a service, having a blog keeping your audience and customers up to date on your doings, projects or giving out some content, is a way to maintain and strengthen your relations to them.

When  where people can see, feel and hear you they are so much more likely to from you than from anyone else. It’s perfect to help you become the trustworthy, trusted advisor that people need, when they are looking for something on the internet.

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With a blog you gain trust and you will be liked, because people feel they really know you.

And that is why blogging is becoming so popular and one of the most important marketing tools any business ought to run on a daily basis. A facebook fanpage is definitely a good idea, but it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to facebook. If facebook decides to shut it down they will and there’s nothing you can do about it. A blog is your property entirely – it’s your domain to rule and govern.

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So as you can see a blog can be a very powerful tool in the entrepreneurial world. In a super competitive market you can come through as extremely unique if you are one of the few blogging.

And the most incredible thing as you might have guessed already, is the SPAN of people you can reach. Thousands, if not millions of people are within your reach.

That’s powerful!

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