Hi there, We are really happy you looked into this section. fm13-min

Because, if you are looking into working and partner up with us in The New Global Economy this is the right spot you have landed!

You see, WE are dedicated to guiding and helping YOU so you succeed with YOUR home based Business.

Our wish is to help as many we can to reach their full potencial, gain  financial independence, and live the life they always  dreamed of.

Our mission is to create powerful teams of do’ers, helpers and believers. This will ultimately make the world a better place for many, many people.


Why WorkFrom HomeThe New Global Economy is about entrepreneurship. It’s for people like yourself who are looking to have the freedom to decide over their own lives.To be able to live their life on their own terms and not on someone elses.

The network marketing industry has given us the possibility to do just that and to work our way to freedom, financially and physically.

You will be your own boss and YOU will be the one to decide how to run your business!

And the more people you help to do the same the more successful you will be. It’s really very simple.

There are lots of great companies and opportunities out there so finding the right company can be quite a haul. We really didn’t look for a company at the time, when our friend and Beautician introduced us to ours. So you can say that our company found us.

(How To Find The Right Network Marketing Company To Work With?)


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These are some of the things that are important to us:  How To Find The Right Network Marketing Company To Work With-

checkStrong leadership and stable company, fastest growing, now in the top 20 direct sales.

checkHeart and values, wanting to make a difference in as many peoples life as possible.

checkHigh standards and ethics – each distributor matters, people before profit, charity.

checkOutstanding product line based purely on breakthrough science important to our health.Why Make The Choice To Work From Home-

checkA booming market – a product we certainly would buy even if there wasn’t a compensation plan.

checkProfitable compensation plan with as much as 6 streams of income rewarding distributors at all        levels.

checkLeverage and duplicable system, easy to get started properly

checkTechnologically advanced working platform making it easier for distributors to share & work the opportunity.

checkImprovement of products, marketing materials and branding continuously

All in all, we found, after a lot of research and interviewing, that our company has one of the best platforms and compensation plans.

Also a 100% sustainable plan, which is designed both for earning profit here and now and most importantly, it is designed as a rock solid plan to last and create that residual income we all strive for.


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It is really important for you to be sure you choose a model that suits you 100 %.  fmsquare

Now, as awesome it could be to work together, we also have to make sure it’s a good fit for both you and us, so we do not waste each others time.

The kind of person that join our team is someone who:

smileyHas the right mindset

smileyHas a burning desire to change

smileyHas a willingness to work

Is teachablesmiley

smileyCan work independently

smileyUnderstands he/she is building their own business

If you can say yes to all these things and are ready to run with us, then go ahead and apply for information about our business opportunity below!

We are looking forward to knowing and working with people, who really want to kick some in their OWN HOME BUSINESS and create the life they ALWAYS dreamed of!


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14429166_10154545300982760_921390862_nTo learn more about our business opportunity click on the button below.  You will be lead  to a contact form, where we kindly ask you to fill in.

As soon as we receive your info, we’ll get in touch with you and set up a call as quick as possible.

We really want to make sure you make the RIGHT decision for YOU. That you chose what serves YOU and only you.





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Now, should you decide to join our team,  we have a complete training system set up ready to plug into with ALL the tools you need to get started properly in your business.

The tools necessary to reach the goals you set and the success you strive for!

We will be within your reach on phone, skype, whatsApp, facetime, Zoom and messenger, when you need our personal support, help and advice at any time.

We are here to guide you so YOU reach the level of success you strive for in YOUR Business.

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If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it. SAY YES and then learn how to do it later!

Richard Branson