The Attraction Marketing Formula, sounds like a buzz word, right..?

attraction marketing FORMULAWell, if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner and haven’t heard about The Attraction Marketing Formula today is your lucky day!

You see, if you don’t know what attraction marketing is and are not using it to promote your business yet, you are missing out big time.

You may know the term content marketing and that is exactly what attraction marketing is. The Attraction Marketing Formula is all about content.

Do What They DO

Attraction Marketing Formula is what every top earner, professional and high profile business  knows absolutely everything about, and especially in the network marketing industry,

They embrace thie concept and get extraordinary results, because they understand the importance of using it in a marketplace flooded with commercials and information overload.

If you are just starting out by yourself on a smaller business venture and is looking at the internet for online marketing, you’ll quickly find how the market is packed with people spamming and pitching their products, services, companies and opportunities.

The first thing that comes to our mind when doing some marketing on social media is perhaps just that – pitching and posting what we want to sell. And that could because it is what we were told to do or simply because we didn’t take the time to educate ourselves in that area. We just start out as novices not knowing a bit about it doing whatever comes to our mind.

That would be more or less like starting a carpenter business without learning the carpentry skills first. Let’s see, I’ve got a bread knife in my kitchen, and I need to do carpentry, so that is what I’ll use for a saw, perfect! Everybody has a bread knife in the house and almost anyone knows how to use it.

However, we must expect the result we get to be absolutely horrendous, because seriously, doing carpentry with a semi-blunt knife we found in the kitchen..? Do you think anybody will buy from you or even take you seriously?!

To be a professional you simply need the right tools to create good results and you must ALSO learn how to USE them.

So, in order to market online properly and use those online tools, you must learn how to use them. If you want people to see you, like you, know you, trust you and buy from you, you must act like a professional. You must use the right tools in the right way.

And in this case the right tool is The Attraction Marketing Formula.

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What Is It Then?

So what is attraction marketing and what can it do for you? Very simply put, The Attraction Marketing Formula is about putting value into the marketplace that will attract the RIGHT people to you. You bring value out there instead of pitch and like this you attract people.

You think about your receiver and what they want and are looking for and not on what you want.Buy-Guy

Providing Value

The idea is therefore based on the concept of leading with value.

So instead of chasing your customers tiring them with your endless offers, your business opportunity, ads and links, your products, your service or whatever, you give them something they need. Some kind of content that they actually need and can use.

When you pitch and spam it’s all about you and your needs. And honestly, no one could care less. Especially if they are complete strangers. They care about themselves and their OWN needs – “what’s in it for me”. That’s what you’re up against. What’s in it for them.

That is why, when you put VALUE into the marketplace, you make it ALL about them. You attend their needs. You provide solutions to their problems. The moment you start doing that you become extremely attractive. This is how you start attracting people to you usingThe Attraction Marketing Formula

You attract them because what you offer them is incredibly valuable to them. What basically happens is that you become valuable instead of a nuisance.

As you probably can imagine,  this is a much more attractive and logical way to work. It really makes sense to most people once they learn about it. It certainly did to me.

Can everybody Do This?

How does it work in practice and could I implement it, you might think.

work-form-homEIt’s a new way to operate with a completely new set of  skills. And ANYONE can learn it. Anyone can use The Attraction Marketing Formula. And that’s the beauty of the concept.

Now, to get started today let’s take a  look at your social media profiles. Are they attractive? Do you post valuable content on your timeline? Or do you just promote?

Valuable content like inspirational quotes, pretty pictures, interesting articles from your niche that could be a huge help to others, videos with great content and fun stuff as well?

It sounds too simple, but it’s not actually. All what I mentioned above is content. Valuable content. It’s something that can help others. Someone who is looking for just that piece of information you just posted. Even an inspirational post can help others, believe it or not.

So to break it down, this is how you share value and content. And if you do your own content like blog posts, articles and e-books even better – share your own amazing content.

Brand yourself and stand out from the crowd

When we found the Attraction Marketing Formula, we instantly knew that this was exactly how we wanted to work, because it was all about standing out from the crowd and not doing what everyone else was doing – which was selling, pitching and spamming.

And the reason why we were so sure of it, was because we found an education platform that is ALL about using The Attraction Marketing Formula.

The entire platform is build around this concept and was created exclusively to help marketers brand themselves and attract customers and leads by standing out from the crowd. 

The moment you do something differently you immediately stand out from everyone else. And what we experienced almost instantly was that eyeballs turned towards us and started following what we were doing. 14689292_10154609199362760_1783995703_o

That was an incredibly gratifying feeling as you can imagine, compared to being completely ignored. Suddenly there was an interest and a curiosity about our doings.

We had started a journey of serious self branding. We were creating our own unique brand that no one had seen or known before. And that was empowering.

The moment we started educating ourselves, we knew that this was exactly how we needed to work if we wanted to succeed in this industry. And that couldn’t be more true.

So, the next step is the branding strategy. Find out, what it is you have that is unique and that only you can offer.

What kind of person do you want to become? Be that person from the beginning – that is part of the branding process.

Become a Leader

Now, the real core of attraction marketing is essentially to become a leader by providing others with solutions to their challenges and struggles.  This is the essence of the concept and this is how you brand yourself most effectively.

And to become a leader that provides value, you need to start educating yourself. Period. This is where you must spend a certain amount of time and also money if you are really serious.

Taking online courses and getting a blog are some of the things we did to establish our authority.

And what we found was that as you become better and better, learning new skills and strategies, you can start sharing your knowledge with others.

This is how you provide value to the marketplace – you become a teacher.

POST11This is where our education platform helped us immensely.

First of all, without it we would never have known about The Attraction Marketing Formula.

We would either be out there trying to sell or even worse, we might have given up completely, because of lack of results.

So lucky us the day we stumbled over the term “attraction marketing, how to build your business online without chasing people”. 

It literally changed our lives and business.

One of the first thing you’ll learn as the first thing about the Attraction Marketing Formula is that blogging is essential to establish yourself as an authority on the internet.

We wasted no time and got our blog up and running as the first thing, because we knew that blogging was definitely our thing.

Implementing the Attraction Marketing Formula through your own personal blog offering advice, help and training to visitors.Your blog is the perfect medium to put what you learn into practice and share it with the world. This is how you actually start the branding process from the very beginning.

Learn To Build Your Business & Brand With The Attraction Marketing Formula

Invest, Learn & Teach

To be able to blog and help and teach others one of your priorities must be educating yourself.

If you already are an expert within your own niche, learn how to put that expert advice out there for people, who are looking for it – your target market.

If you are not an expert, start investing and learning to become one. NO matter what it is you want to learn or teach make sure it is something you are 100 % passionate about!

Because without your passion you’ll find it difficult to create that content needed to become the authority you aspire to be.  Passion is your fuel and passion is essential in the attraction marketing approach. Without it your strategy is hollow, void of personality.

The Community

There are several professional education platforms out there you can join and where you’ll get access to vast amounts of education material, made by top earners in the industry.

This is where you will be part of a community, ready to support and help you on your new path together with other marketers that have decided, just like yourself, that they really want to make a difference in the home business industry.

Most of them have weekly live webinars, top earner hang-outs and facebook groups, with support, personal coaching. It’s just a matter of finding one that suits you and your needs.

The value

The value you’ll get once you start educating yourself and the value you’ll be able to share with your audience and prospect is invaluable to your business.

It’s a completely new way to get results.  It’s so much more fun than pitching and you will discover that once you start implementing the Attraction Marketing Formula yourself.

So the question you have to ask yourself; Is attraction marketing worth trying in my business?

Well, one thing is for sure, it is NOT worth NOT trying it in your business!  If you are looking for real long term success, this is the most sure road to take.

Ask top earners like Ray Higdon or Rob Fore, where they would be today had they not embraced the concept years ago.

Learn How To Build Your Business & Brand With The Attraction Marketing Formula Step By Step

Most probably still in an endless struggle building and maintaining their business and not at all the marketing rock stars they are renown as.

So if you don’t want to miss out big time and have a burning desire for success tomorrow, you better get started today.

Implement these essential attraction marketing strategies into your business – no matter which business you are running – and you will never want to go back to old school marketing again.

If you don’t have a clue where or how to get started grab our free 3 Easy Steps Attraction Marketing Plan right here. And feel free to shoot us a message if you have ANY questions whatsoever!

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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