5 Step Blogging Blueprint – How to Become a Pro Blogger and Online Authority

When it comes to blogging many have started and many have given up, because results seemed to be absent  or not pouring in fast enough.

But blogging has to be done consistently and over a long period of time and just like any project you start, it will take time to build a crowd of followers and loyal customers.

However…. Thinking that blogging alone and posting on
your personal site will make the trick is a fairytale.

It’s a must to make yourself visible if you want to be seen. Period.

Nothing will ever happen if you sit in your little cosy, comfortable and safe “cottage” in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to come around and find you and your amazing content.

No, you have to get out there, plaster your blog posts all over the place – places you know there is a lot of traffic.

No use hanging up your post-it’s on some lonely tree in the woods only to be seen by a few squirrels and beetles, who couldn’t care less.
Nope, get out there, go to the marketplace and mingle with all the other merchants and sooner or later you will be seen and known. BUT, you must be consistent!

Okay, with that being said, what should your exact strategy be? marketplace-6

1.Blog consistently, if not every day at least 2-3 times a week. In a year you will have 100-150 blog posts and articles out there in the marketplace. That’s something.

Make sure also not to run out of ideas. You do that by starting out making a list of topics for 6 months at a time. Like this you will continue writing, even the days you don’t feel inspired.

You’ve got your topic and just need to do some research to get going.

So where do you find ideas? Easy, use Google keyword planner to find out what people are searching for on google. What are their pains what are their questions. Asking other marketers what they would like to know is also a good way to collect real topics people actually are interested in. Ask yourself what YOU need to know more about. A perfect way to get really good articles and blog posts.

2.Become a resource. Put a lot of valuable content and advice into your posts. Something people can use and learn from – and wanting to have more of! When you start providing solutions and answers to people’s challenges you naturally become a resource. The go-to person so to speak. This is how you become an expert and an authority sharing your knowledge.

3.Tell stories. Make sure to get some stories into your posts – yours or other peoples stories. Relate them to the given topic you’re writing about. Everybody loves stories. Stories are what makes the abstract theoretic concrete and understandable. Stories will also be remembered, so this is a fabulous way to become unforgettable.

4.Send your blog post to your email list as the latest update. This is an effective way to not only get traffic to your blog, but also presenting yourself in a way to your audience that creates respect and expert status.

Also share your post where you can on social media and even in groups where they allow you to do that. There are people out there that are in need of what you can tell them.

5.Make sure to use SEO friendly keywords so people find you when searching specific topics. SEO is really important, specially if you want to rank on google. Make sure to learn the basics about blog posts and Search Engine Optimization.

Following these essential steps and blogging CONSISTENLY will raise you from being an average blogger, who sits around waiting to be discovered by chance to an online authority. And it will happen sooner than you think.


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