Content Creation – 10 Tips To Never Run Out Of Ideas For Your Blog Or Fanpage

If you have started blogging recently Content Creation may be a killer and sometimes you feel completely drained of ideas and think that it’s almost impossible to write so much about one topic.

I know, because I went through exactly that phase. I squeezed out 2 articles a week  in the beginning, then 1 a week and eventually 2 weeks went by before the next came out.

I think at one point an entire month passed without doing any at all, because I just couldn’t get my head around  what to write about. I had a complete loss of ideas for Content Creation. And I felt so bad about it.

My huge mistake was that I believed or somehow had gotten the idea into my head that I had to invent all the content for myself, on my own.

And how on earth could I do that, when I was just a newbie starting out doing online marketing?? I was used to the ways of university, where you study for 6-12 month and then, but only then can you start writing your assignment.

And of course, I was HUGELY mistaken. Starting on an incredible blogging course by Ray Higdon, The 3-Minute Expert, I eventually learned that you DON’T have to invent everything yourself. Especially not in the beginning.

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Being self employed running your own business from home it’s the EXACT OPPOSITE. You NEED to share your knowledge AS YOU LEARN IT and on a daily basis. And when you learn these tips content creation can be really fun and EASY.

So here are 10 ideas to WHERE you find ideas for that content.


Absolutely brilliant source of inspiration! You’ve just read Go Pro or Unshakeable? Write a post for every golden nugget and you’ll have content for weeks and months.


First of all it’s a great way to get inspiration for catchy titles and headlines. But articles in magazines are often about how some known person has overcome personal or professional struggles. You’ll find some amazing stuff to write about.


Watching a training webinar? Get some notes down on paper and here you have a post or two


Listening to podcasts made by top earners. Amazing value that you can get down on paper in your own words. I’ve written a few posts based on some podcast I’ve listened to.


At events you learn a LOT! Not only from listening to the speakers, but also from talking to people and OBSERVING. Tons of inspiration to find here, so write lots of notes and use them when you are back home.

6.Training videos

This could be some random you tube video you’ve just watched, but really liked and enjoyed. Write about it OR make a video!

7.Company training

Most companies have really valuable and solid training you can share, either as a video or written into a blogpost.


Courses are incredible, because you learn SO much. I just completed a 6 weeks course on social media marketing, where we physically had to attend the classes and pass an exam. Amazing value, incredibly talented teachers and I ended up with stacks and stacks of notes ready to dive into. I guess each note can cover an entire blog post!

9.Asking Questions

This is a good one for content creation and I use it myself a lot. Don’t know what to talk about? Ask other marketers what they are struggling with or what they would like to know more about. This way you actually feel you are helping someone specifically and you have their need in mind. Priceless!

10.Your own Questions

And finally, but really important. What do YOU want to know more about? When you are looking for answers and researching something YOU find interesting your passion will shine through – and that is perhaps THE most attractive ingredient in any piece of content you write OR record.



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