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In any business and whatever the product is that you are selling, there is an end consumer. No customers no business.

First thing first and what any successful business does is to define their target audience very specifically.

Let’s say you are making windows signs and want to make a living out of that. Well, the idea is great, but who is going to buy your signs?  Are they local businesses, private persons, women, men, newly opened, been in business for a while?
If your message targets private persons, but your customers are local business owner you have a problem.

And that is exactly why you must create your “avatar”, your ideal customer or also called a “buyer persona”.

And the MORE specific and realistic that avatar is, the better will you convert and sell your product. Why? Because, you are addressing  the right person, the person that needs and wants your service.

There are some strategic ways you can find your Avatar and it what marketers calls segmentation.

When you segment you look at different parameters, such as demograhics (location), age, income group, social status and much more. To me, these “business school” terms are very abstract and impersonal.

vibe Attracts (2)That’s why, when you are searching for your specific avatar, where you most probably will have personal contact with your customers at one point, we need to be way more specific AND personal.

First of all we do look at location, age, gender, education level, income level, job, family status and so on.

But then we go deeper and start looking into her/his hobbies, interests, likes, values, beliefs, motivation factors, hopes, fears and dreams.

All this matters, because besides speaking to your costumers logical sense, we want to speak to their feelings too. We want to make them feel we understand them, know how they feel and actually want to help them.

So, by going through all the deeper parameters you create a real life person, whose needs you can now address in your very specific communication. You put yourself into her/his shoes, so to speak.

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Often you go through your very own beliefs and values in this process. You can’t avoid that if you’re working in the home business industry and online you most certainly will attract people that look very much like yourself. Or at least share some of your core values.

More often than not new “marketers” skip this essential step, because they believe the whole world to be their customers. They throw stuff out there using a scattergun approach hoping some of it will stick or hit the mark.Facebook-Live-Video-hero-640x358

That is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Your foundation need to be solid and well planned and built, because all your future actions and growth will be build upon it. If it’s weak and  fragile it will be more than impossible to create anything solid and sustainable.

If you don’t know how to or where to start I made this mini webinar about how to create your avatar you are more than welcome to watch.


(Don’t Know How To Start? Get My Pdf To Pin Point Your Ideal Customer HERE)

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