Day 2 – Crush it On Instagram. Do This And Get Your Account Shut Down

So you have set up your account and Bio perfectly and are so ready and pumped to get started boosting up your instagram account. But BEFORE you even start there are some essentials you MUST know first.

Because IF you do ANY of these activities your account WILL get shut down.  And it’s NOT like facebook, that restricts your activity for a period of time, the so called “facebook jail”. No, your instagram account dissappears, shuts down, zip, gone.

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And you don’t want that, for sure. The “no-go” activities are as follows:

Don’t make money claims

One thing that will get your account disabled by Instagram is an activity seen very much on facebook. And that is sharing screenshots of your  business opportunity “backoffice” showing your earnings.

We have seen over and over again, especially on facebook, different people flashing the same backoffice pics of their  insane earnings. That’s why this activity is being slammed severely and thanks for that. It’s unethical, deceiving  and false advertizing.

So don’t make any money claims whatsoever – it is not a very smart way to market yourself.

Don’t pitch

If you private message people on Instagram the worst you can do is to start pitching them. Or asking if they are open to watch a video or whatever you have.

Just don’t do it. People do not like it and will most likely just report you or block you.


Social media is for making new relations and have fun, remember that.

Not too much activity

Being too active posting several times an hour, following hundreds of people a day, messaging them like crazy is not the best thing to do – if you want to keep your account active.

Over the next 3 days we will show you exactly how much and what to do on Instagram and what a decent level of activity is.

No spamming

What exactly is spamming?

Well, spamming would be putting up your business opportunity all the time, pleading people to join you. Talking only about your products in every post you do and how fantastic they are. Buy, buy, buy. Join, join, join. That’s spamming. And spamming WILL get you shut down.

All in all, it’s about not annoying people on Instagram with your selfish behavior.

It’s about giving out value, being fun, sympathetic and being YOU. That’s the smarter way to promote yourself.

So if you want to keep your account “clean” and safe, stay away from the above mentioned methods. And if you have any doubts take a look at the Instagram Community Guidelines yourself, they are pretty clear.


“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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