Day 5 – Crush it On Instagram. Is Automation Worth it?

Now, on this last day of our 5 days series on Instagram we’ll get a little bit into automation pro’s and con’s.

Automating your activitiest on Instagram sounds like a very appealing idea to many people. You can spend your time on more important stuff. automatization

I also know that some would prefer to automate almost their entire activity process on their social media platform – or at least 80-90 %  of it, because it’s tedious daily work process.

But what works on Twitter doesn’t work on Instagram and Facebook for one hardly allows any kind of automation at all.

(If you’ve seen people posting from “hootsuite” on facebook, well, then you know that  they were out of town that day.)

However, Instagram allows somewhat  more automation and you will find lots of apps and services just for that.

I haven’t tried any of these myself. but a friend of mine did have an overall negative  experience using some. He got his account banned and closed the first try.

The  second try he was luckier and got over 200 followers in 3 days. But the negative side is that the program had to follow  2500 to get there and as a result he got his news feed filled up with spammy content.

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The thing is that the bot decides who to follow based on the information you give it and if you are not really, really specific it will follow whoever it seems a fit. And it does not distinguish between a fake account opened only for spamming and real live account.

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These apps can also like and comment on posts, which can be a really time consuming if you want to go fast, and you have to be careful here as well. You can risk putting comments that doesn’t make sense  on other people’s post, which is awkward  and liking things that do not deserve likes.

You can risk geting followers you are not interested the least in and the posts from friends and people you like will drown in strange and spammy content.

automatization.popup.engOn the other hand, I have read about people who have used these automation apps to their advantage and had really great results. But to get there they all went really easy ahead, slow progress, controlling  carefully what the bot should like and comment on AND who exactly to follow.

Because if you don’t, you’ll end up as my friend. Getting spammed and shut down.

My personal opinion is that you should really select what to automate and what to not. Be in control of every move the bot makes. You want help, not to be overruled or even taken out.

To be really honest, the idea of people automating their daily news feed and even don’t or cannot hide it, is really not very appealing.

What kind of signal does that send to the viewer or receiver? First of all, that they are absent and secondly that they don’t really have time for you, so a bot has taken over.

Who likes to be taken care of by a bot? Not many.

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So IF you  REALLY want to build your business on Instagram, treat it like a business. Take your time to post, using apps to remind you. Take your time to follow the RIGHT people and not some random chosen by a bot service.

Take your time to send people a genuine message and connect with them. Take your time to like the photos that YOU like.
insta-lead-magicYour news feed is your business so don’ destroy it by following 1000’s a day. For getting quick results now you’ll damage or destroy your business of tomorrow.

There are NO quick fixes in this industry and that is what we’ll always have to remember.

You either stay around and figure it out and build a solid business of your dreams or you become a bot driven spammer, paying your way through for little or very short term results

Be visible, but also be PRESENT.




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