Day 4 – Crush it On Instagram. Hash Tags, Use Or Overuse?

Almost everybody knows what hash tags are. I say almost, because for example our mum doesn’t have a clue… and I think she couldn’t care less actually.

So everyone using social media to build their business, do know what they are and even use them.

BUT, although everyone know that you NEED to use this symbol on Twitter, Instagram and so on, not everyone knows HOW to use them.

Hash tags are a brilliant and effective way to make your content  visible and discoverable to others – your target market .

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And the reason for that is that it categorizes content. So when you put a hash tag, say #instaleads, on an Instagram post, this post will categorize together with other peoples content having that same hash tag.

Which also means that if someone makes a search for #instaleads YOUR post will show up.

That is really cool. It was not before I started using Instagram myself I understood the importance of hash tags and what powerful tool it is.

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So, how do you use hash tags then?

Be specific

Don’t just put anything that comes into your mind when you’re posting. Think a lot about what hash tags you use. If you made a post about being “entrepreneurish” be specific about WHAT kind of entrepreneurship it is.

If you search for “entrepreneur” on Instagram you get more than 11 million posts. But when you search for “entrepreneurwomen” or “entrepreneurtips” you get only 6000  posts. Concept of capturing people with marketing

So as you can imagine it will be much easier to find you among the 6000 than the 11 million.

Invent your own

You can brand yourself by making your own specific to you hash tags. You can use the name of your brand, but even better than that is to invent an expression that relates to your brand.

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Using that will be part of your branding process and you will stand out. It will take some time, but eventually that tag will distinguish your brand.

Don’t make them too elaborate

Don’t make very long and elaborated hash tags. Nobody likes to type in too many characters, so make it short and sweet. This is especially important when you invent your own.

Instagram does help you, when you type in your hash tagand find all related tags to the one you’re typing, but anyhow, it’s a good idea to make them shorter. Make it easy for your target market.

DON’T overuse them

I have personally seen, on Instagram, people putting up to 20-30 hash tags on their posts. Especially eager network marketers do this. They plot in EVERY tag related to what they are doing, not even what they posted.

This may eventually harm you. All though your post might reach more people, it’s not your specific target market.

It will reach all sorts of persons, also spammers and pitchers. AND you will come across as desperate, eager to be seen, watched, heard, approached, get sign-ups, or whatever.

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So about hashtags be moderate, not extreme.

When you are being extreme, you’ll seem to care more about yourself than the person you are reaching out to.

And as we know, in any kind of communicative processes, we ALWAYS have to think about the viewer, reader or recipient.

If you want your message not only to get out there, but also to be taken in, think about the receiver. What would they like, search for, embrace.


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