Facebook Live Part 1. 4 Reasons Why You Must Use Facebook Live

Yes, facebook Live – there is a reason why it is so popular. And that is also the reason why our next 5 part series will be about this feature.

Since facebook introduced this new feature, giving their users the possibility to broadcast live on the platform about their doings and whereabouts. Like with everything new, some people don’t really like or even loath it and then there are those that love it madly and go crazy about it.

And so it is with facebook live. product

I’ve talked to people that are really tired of seeing their friends going live every day, talking about nothing or filming their dog running around  the house. I understand that – it must be tiresome seeing everyone you know showing off crying out for attention.

BUT for online marketers and entrepreneurs this has come as a huge gift. Facebook live is not less than an amazing tool to use in any online marketing –IF you use it the right way.

And the right way is to bring a message to the table. Something you want to share with the world. Some kind of value. And that it why it is perfect for attraction marketers working online, because attraction marketing is about putting value into the marketplace.

And what better way than to do it LIVE. [mlsp-cta campaign=”livestreamleads” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”right” buttonstyle=”button-orange-flat”]

So the most important 4 reasons why live is a must for you online marketer, are these.

1.Grow and engage your fan base

This is  an incredibly effective way to grow your audience. Providing valuable info live is a very powerful marketing method, especially because people can reach out to you instantly asking you questions that you can answer.

Video is already an effective way to reach your audience, but live surpasses recorded video a hundred time. Simply because of that. It’s LIVE. The people that like you and your message will be drawn to you. As you continue to do your live videos, more and more friends will stop by listening to you. And like this you grow your audience.

 2.Engage and interact directly with your friends in real time

This is an incredible advantage over recorded video. You can talk to your “people” real time. Powerful stuff. This kind of interaction surpasses any other live streaming feature, where your audience can see and hear you, but not interact with you.

You can ask them questions that they can answer real time and the other way round. Ask me a question and I’ll answer you right now. How amazing is that.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”getmobileleadsnow” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left” buttonstyle=”button-orange-flat”]That is truly engaging with your audience. When you reach out to people like this and offer some real value, not just entertainment, you will start becoming an authority to some. The ones that need your help and advice.


3.You can promote upcoming events real time

This is also really great if you have something coming up, especially a webinar or some online event. You can promote your event days before your webinar. We did this and just before we did a facebook live to tell that we were starting in 20 minutes and got more people on the webinar.

So this is a really cool way to promote what you’re doing creating attention around you and your activities. You can promote practically anything you like, being it a webinar, a product launch or a live workshop.

4.A super easy way to create consistent video content

This is about the most easy way to create video content on a consistent basis. You can do it from absolute everywhere.  All you need is your smart phone, a selfie-stick and an interesting topic that will make people stay and listen to you.

You can download your video to your phone and upload it to your you-tube channel. You can embed into your blog posts and newsletters. The best part is that you just do your live, no cutting, no editing. You just press “go live” and that’s it.

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When you know that you’ve only got one shot you’ll actually make sure to give your best. And anyways, if you make mistakes it doesn’t matter. It just shows that you’re human and people like that.

You will become better and better at doing your live videos and suddenly it just becomes part of your routine. You’ll actually start enjoying the exposure. Just get started and you’ll see.


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