Facebook Live Part 2. Your Facebook Live Must Haves

In Part 1 of our Facebook Live 5 Days Series we talked about how this feature is one of THE fastest ways for you to grow your audience, create content for your blog, if you have one and engaging your audience on a daily basis.

Today we will talk about HOW to make your FaceBook Live. What should it look like and which MUST haves to include in it.


As in anything you do, video, blog post or whatever, the INTRO is a must. You introduce yourself, of course, and shortly afterwards you introduce your subject. What are you going to talk about and why.

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On a facebook live, you usually don’t have many people in the start of your video, they pop up as you go along, but keep in mind that it will remain on facebook for at least a week after stopping the broadcast. That means that people will watch the video afterwards, so get to the point fairly quickly.


Are always perfect for videos. This is how you pique the curiosity of your audience and invite them to stay. The question should naturally address some issue that your audience usually face. If your audience are network marketers you could ask them if they are struggling generating leads online.

When you Ask a question  many will jump on and stay around, wanting to get the answer. We are curious beings and especially when it’s about something we are trying to figure out, like running an online business,  we’re eager to stay hearing and learning more.


This is like the “body” of your live video. The talking is the content, the value that you offer your audience. So this is where you answer that question you’ve just asked.

So, if you have asked your audience if they are wondering how to generate leads online, here you give them some ideas about how to do that. A perfect example of how to generate leads online could be to do facebook live.

The talk is the largest part of your live video, so make it interesting and make sure to give out some tips here. Something your audience can go out and implement immediately. That is real value.

Lots of advice, tips and tricks will ensure that people will attend your facebook lives and your audience will grow consistently.

Call To Action

The call to action at the end of your facebook live is as important as the other elements. The call to action is where you tell your audience what to do after watching your video.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”vidmarketingsecret” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left” buttonstyle=”button-orange-flat”]That could be a link to your blog post about the same topic, but it could also be a link to some free training that you have, about how to do facebook live.

Now, if your viewers want that free training they must put in their email to get it. When they do that, you get a “lead”, an email for your list. A list, that you write to on a regular basis.

(This is education platform we use to give out ready made free training webinars)

So let’s say you were talking about lead generation on facebook and suggest that  live video is a super effective way to generate leads online. If they want to learn exactly how to do that, they should grab your free training webinar or video.

If you do NOT have a call to action in your facebook live, you may grow your audience and get a lot of attention, but you will not get any leads and therefore not grow your email list. And your email list is your business.


Tomorrow, in Part 3, we’ll give you 8 important tips to do your Facebook Live video  that will grow your audience day by day.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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