Facebook Marketing: The Top 10 MUST Knows If You DON’T Want To Fail Miserably!


Facebook marketing is probably THE most popular social media strategy of all times.

Lots and lots of marketers find this the ideal playground for promoting their services – The mother of all social media some people call it.

Facebook still is the social media party place. And the reason for this is that they are improving it for both business owners and users constantly.

Facebook wants the experience for regular users to be first class, but still make money with businesses and advertisers on the platform.

So facebook marketing is getting easier and better by the week and the features for marketers are improving all the time.

You can run an online shop on facebook, you can generate leads and integrate your paid ads with your autoresponder.

You have “instant articles” where you can host your blog posts and the video features are getting more and more sophistIcated.

Facebook is truly the ideal place to promote your business and brand.

BUT you must play by the rules and comply with facebook alghorithms.

If everyone do whatever they like promoting however they think it should be done (spamming) normal users will leave the platform and that is NOT in the interest of ANYONE. Nor facebook, nor you.



The user experience is of the essence. This is also one of the first things you learn in marketing and you know what..?

It makes really sense. Social media platforms are NO different from a mall or a regular shop.

Just like when we go out, we are on facebook to relax, browse, have fun and above all socialize.

AND that is why facebook is NOT the place to advertise OR talk about your product, service or opportunity all the time driving everyone mad.

I mean, would you run around in your local shopping center approaching complete strangers shouting to them “join my business” “buy my product” or throw advertising at their faces without even introducing yourself..??

If you are a shop attendant and do that you’ll get fired asap, because you’re CHASING the customers away!

Basically, your focus needs to be on the process of branding yourself and not on promoting your product.

The branding process is what we call the long term strategy, because it will last for years and years, when you really put an effort into it.

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It’s all about being of value to your audience and customers, caring about their needs and not your own.

And If you do it the right way you can build and grow your business easier than anywhere else on social media. Facebook is absolutely AMAZING that way.

We have collected 10 of the most essential do’s & don’ts for marketing on facebook and you can read them RIGHT HERE

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