Growing your Audience For Max Success?

When marketing your business on social media you may well know by now that growing your audience on a daily basis is perhaps THE number one activity you must be consistent with, if you really want to make a substantial income in your home business.

It’s not rocket science really,  the larger your audience the larger your business can grow.

it’s like any ordinary big business working towards expanding their customer range and reach new markets. So must you if you want to survive.

But how do you do it and how often..?

Well, there are many methods and when it comes to social media the strategies are uncountable and I won’t be able to list them all here.

These are, however,  some effective and the most used ways.  PicsPosts3

Follow people

Follow a certain amount of people EACH day

This goes for ANY platform you’re on. On Twitter and Instagram you simply follow people – even on Facebook. Following is THE method to grow your audience, because most will follow you back and that’s how it all starts, On facebook some may even send you a friend request.

I would say between 30-200 people a day depending on which platform it is. Look for people you’d like to have in your circle using the search options the platforms have.

On Linkedin you don’t follow, but add people to your network and most do accept these invitation.

Post Interesting Content

Now, you can follow as many as you like, but if you have a boring profile and nothing going on there, many may not feel like following you back.

So posting interesting and valuable content like positive, inspirational and fun stuff is a must. It will make more follow you back and attract new people to you. People you didn’t find, but they found you. Because of your content they got attracted to you and decided to stick around.

Making live videos

Live videos are hot, hot, hot! Especially if you offer something of value in them, like tips, tricks and advice. You can share your facebook live videos all over facebook after doing them and even WHILE you are doing them. [mlsp-cta campaign=”livestreamleads” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”right” buttonstyle=”button-green-flat”]THAT is powerful and you’ll get so many more eyeballs on you attracting more new people to you and some of them will stay in your circle. Especially if you keep showing up.

Engagement ads (facebook)

This method is really effective for growing your audience on your fanpage. Engagement ads are just that. Just for engaging people and getting a reaction from them – a like or a comments.

That is why you don’t offer anything, but some good advice on a beautiful picture or selfie, a fun video, a humorous picture, etc. Anything that doesn’t ask people for anything, like clicking a link or some other kind of action of “risky” action.

Simply ask for their voluntary engagement. It works like wonders.

If you haven’t started yet these methods will instantly help you grow your audience, it’s only a matter of getting started.

Still, there are endless ways to expand your circle and you may even find that you  invent your own method completely unique to your way of working.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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