Part 1, Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – How To Generate Masses Of Leads

Most network marketers know who Ray Higdon is, not everyone, but most. If you don’t, you definitely should. Ray Higdon is one of the most talented and successful marketers today. Some would even call him a marketing rock star.

He built his brand and network marketing business up from scratch, while being in foreclosure after the 2008 financial crisis (he worked in the real estate industry)

Today he’s a solicited coach, speaker and produces some pretty amazing courses for entrepreneneurs. He is a passionate advocate for the concept of attraction marketing, which is something every marketer on this planet ought to be familiar with.

However, in this 5 days series we are going to talk about some of Ray’s really cool prospecting tips. These are straight out of his own book, and some of them are incredibly implementable.

Use The System

Ray’s first tip is to use the system. So what does he mean by that? Which system? 14012817_10154419371133756_12165341_o

Well, we are so lucky to be members of the same education system he and his wife are.

This education platform has training on almost any social media platform available and it also has ready-made-for-you training webinars with some of the best marketers, you can share freely with other marketers.

This concept of sharing knowledge/content/value is part of the attraction marketing process I mentioned before. You give out free content and you receive an email from the person that grabbed that training – you got a lead.

(If you want to know more about this platform you can check it here)

So basically, what he recommends is that you take that link with the free training and copy/paste it into marketing groups on social media platforms. These are high content webinars with tons of value, so you are not pitching here. You are actually helping.

We used this strategy a lot ourselves and it is brilliant, it really works and we got lots of lead and even friendships that way. We even send the training to marketers we are chatting with on any platform when they need help on some specific strategy.

Now, if you are NOT in any system, where you have this advantage of ready-made content what you can do is to make your own. Make a webinar on something new you’ve learned, make a capture page to collect emails, and post it wherever you can. There are many services out there offering capture pages.

Go To Events

This is a complete off line strategy. And when Ray talks about event, it is not your own company event . It is ANY kind of event, IN your local area. Networking events are very popular  so find them and go to as many as you can.

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This tips is meant as to grow your network marketing business. This is a piece of advice all great marketers will give you, because that is what they did. That is how they grew their list and network of contacts.

Exchanging business cards at conference

At the event DON’T pitch anyone. DON’T start taking over the conversation to talk about yourself and your business. That is NOT the idea! That is NOT how you collect contacts. People will most likely run away from you if you do that.

What you MUST do is to get to know people. And you do that by asking them questions, showing interest, actually listen. Ask about their business, their family, about them.

Talk to as many as you can and get their business cards – that is what business cards are for, right.

The idea is to collect as much information as possible and follow up the next day. Pick 2 events a week in your local area – that is a really effective strategy.

When you follow up with them on the phone, you can say something like  “I met you at this event yesterday, you seem like a nice person and I was wondering this:  would you be open to a side project that wouldn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

(Check out all 10 of Ray’s Prospecting tips HERE)

They will say yes or no. If they say yes, arrange a meeting asap. Do not start talking on the phone – it is not recommendable. ANY serious business meeting should be face to face.

Our next post, Part 2, is about how you can use contests and post-it’s to get new leads – we especially love the post-it notes strategy.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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