Part 2 Instagram Special –  Tips To Get More Likes & Followers

You’re doing everything you were taught on Instagram, you’vefound your theme and know by now how to make awesome content. You are also telling a little story with some of your posts, because storytelling is what makes you stand out from the rest.

There are a few more things we have to think about in order to grow our presence on the platform.

 Schedule and continuity

Continuity in everything we do is really key. This means that you should be posting every day the same amounts of posts a day and have to be really consistent about it.

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You don’t know who’s watching you out there and who is expecting see your posts and updates.

The worst thing one can do is to post massively for days and weeks and then suddenly stop posting  for a period of time and then come back and post again.

Being consistent and have continuity is essential, because you will be around for people to notice you ALL the time and not just SOME of the time

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Also, when you show people what to expect from you must keep that “promise” If you are inconsistent in your posting you will come across as unreliable and THAT is the exact opposite of what you want to appear. Trustworthy, reliable, authority, professional and so on, are the keywords.

You can help yourself by using different apps to schedule your postings. You can plan and prepare your post for the week and have the app remind you when to publish each post.Hootsuite is one of the apps we use.

 Engage with followers

Now, engaging with other people is something we must not forget either. Especially your followers and followers to be. This means that you need to take some time every day to find posts you like and comment on. Find people you feel resonates with you, comment on their pictures and even follow some of them.

There a many apps out there promising  to get you more followers and some of them are good and really work. They can like and comment automatically on other peoples posts, they’ll follow people for you and so on.

However, you must be careful HOW you use them and not let the apps run out of control. Your settings as to who your target group is, must be extremely tight or you might end up spamming others, getting spammed yourself and your newsfeed drowned in unwanted posts by people you would never have approached yourself in the first place.

Your account will be in risk of getting shut down by Instagram as well if your automated activity runs out of control.

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Stay tuned  for part 3 of our Instagram series, where we’ll talk about how NOT to use hash tags and how to use the “explore tool” to get more visibility to your account.



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