These next 2 tips from Ray Higdon are really, really implementable. By the way, if you don’t know who Ray Higdon is you should. He is a top notch marketer, coach and speaker.

Part 1 Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – How To Generate Masses Of Leads

He is an advocate for the concept of attraction marketing, which is something we also believe every marketer on this planet should embrace.

Todays tips are really cool and fun, so let’s get started.

Make Online Contests.

Making online contests is really popular and the ideal way to get attention. If what you are giving out is attractive you can gain a good amount of leads. online-social-medi_2734204b

It could be any kind of contest. It could be finding the correct answer to a question, could be liking and sharing a post, could be commenting on a post and tagging a friend. Well, anything that comes into your mind, as long as it is so enticing to people that they participate and even enter their email.

So you’ve got to be creative here. Of course there must be a prize, could be a product, could be some free coaching or whatever you like.

For the ones that do not win you could contact them and send them a second prize. That could be some free training video you’ve got, a webinar or an ebook you’ve made.

Be creative, make it attractive and interesting and you will get leads from those contests for sure. Run them once in a while – and yes, you can use the same more than once.

Post-it Notes.

Now this one is hilarious, but apparently it works. Probably much better in some parts of the World than in others. In the US it might work better than in the UK, where you get fined for dropping paper and litter in the streets.

So maybe it’s not that good idea to do it there, since you a leaving a phone number on it. I know for a fact, that this approach would never work in Denmark – I don’t think it’s even allowed here to tape notes in public places. If it is we could give it a try though, to check out if it has any effect.

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The tip goes like this:  Take a block of post-it notes, stamp your message on the notes. Go out and tape them all over your town, on high traffic areas like gas stations, supermarkets, etc.  Ray calls them “mobile classified ads”. That’s funny!

He recommends doing minimum  100 notes a day for it to have an effect.

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The text/stamp could say something like:  “Super serious ONLY – want to make 5-10K month?   Dont even call unless you are a producer and can prove it”

He also recommends that when you do get those call, ask them why they consider them self a superstar and what are they looking for and so on. You only want really serious people.

So, these were the tips for today. Very creative they are, but nonetheless they work or Ray Higdon wouldn’t recommend them.

Surely, some works better than others depending on your location, but the online contests will work for anyone. Depends on how creative you are.

Tomorrow we have some more great tips for you, so stay tuned.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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