Hash tags – How To Use Them And How To Not

On Instagram and also Twitter using hash tags is the way to get people to see your content. It’s definitely one of the best ways to get more views, because what hash tags do is that they make YOUR content available to people that DONT follow you!

Which means that people WILL find you when they search for something where your hash tags pop up and show your stuff.

That is why hash tags are important to choose  carefully. You must be really specific. If you use broad terms like #love #business, etc, your content will drown quickly.

What you must do then is to be more specific about what business it is that you are talking about and exactly WHAT kind of love.

So when you make a post make sure to select hash tags that really describe your content. free-geometric-hashtag-vector-icon

This is especially important, because lots of folks are using apps to automate, not only their posts, but also their comments on other peoples pics, their likes and their following. All this automation is based on hash tags and that is why it is essential to be specific.

But be aware that too many hash tags can also damage you. You will not only come across as desperate and trying too hard to be seen, but your may also drown  and come up in searches that are not the least relevant to you and risk being followed by spam bots.

Select two to three well defined tags that really cover your message and content. This is the perfect way to connect with strangers.

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Branded Hash Tags

Branded hash tags are really powerful and they are becoming more and more popular to use.

What you do is that you create your own hash tag specific to you and your brand and then you use it consistently with your content.

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It may take some time, but as you build your audience using your own branded tag, your tag will be yours and yours only. Which means that it will be associated with you.

It’s a perfect way to invite your audience to engage with your brand.

As your followers, clients, customers, friends refer to you using your tag the exposure of your brand will increase. The increasing exposure will reinforce your brand and create some kind of loyalty between you and your followers.

It is truly powerful and should definitely be part of your hash tag strategy.

The Explore Tool – Use It

The explore tool is the little magnifying glass icon in the toolbar at the bottom. When you press Instagram will give you lots of suggestions to what you might like. These suggestions are based on the likes of people you follow, your likes and so on. The point here is that you get a whole new range of photos and people you might not have found yourself, which means that you reach out to a broader audience.

When you engage with users giving them likes and comments you a getting a much more broad level of visibility to  your account.

What is amazing here is that YOU can actually get your own photos on the explore page. To get there you’ll need a certain amount of engagement on your photos – likes and comments of course.

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And also it depends on the amount of time it takes to get the engagement since you posted your photo.

What you must do to get more engagement on your photos is to be active and always reply to the comments people make on them. This will increase the activity in a positive way that will get you even more engagement in return.

If the comments are made by a real person, who will be more inclined to reply back. If an automated bot/app is set to comment on random posts and hit yours the likelihood that the “commentor” replies back is little, I think.

So this was the conclusion to the 3 part series with tips and tricks to get more followers, likes and activity on your Instagram account.

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