Part 3, Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – How Realtor Signs & Webinars Can Change Your Biz

These next 2 tips from Ray Higdon are a little more advanced. Ray Higdon is a world famous and acknowledged marketer, speaker and coach, who embraced attraction marketing years ago. 14012817_10154419371133756_12165341_o

All though he has build his empire on the foundation of attraction marketing, hustling and actively contacting people has also been part of his strategy. So here are some more cool tips.

Part 1 Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – How To Generate Masses Of Leads

 Real Estate Signs

This might not work everywhere, but definitely in the US this works really well,  where you’ll find realtor signs all over the place with different agencies and agents.

The idea is to take as many phone numbers from these signs along the road, when you go out for a drive.  If you have a car you can take way more numbers that way.

Ray suggests that you take different roads to find new signs, stop and take the number and call them while driving. I believe it’s not allowed to drive with you phone in your hand anywhere, so you’ll need your headset on here.

realtor-signs-for-palm-city-realtyBeing a former estate agent himself he knows how they work. These agents are used to work for commissions and they are more or less self-employed.  Call them, say you saw their sign and ask if they are open to hear about a side project, that wouldn’t interfere with what you are currently doing.

These are actually, according to Ray Higdon, high quality leads.


Part 2, Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – How Post-its Can Explode Your Biz

Make webinars

Making webinars, especially sales webinars, are very, very popular lately. And you do not have to wait until you are an expert, before you start doing them. You can take the content you have learned about, for example, attraction marketing, and make a webinar on that. It very low cost to do webinars.

All you need is a hosting platform ( there are many out there at different price levels) and a laptop. You can make a sideshow/powerpoint and share your screen with your attendees and you can go live camera talking directly to your audience so they can see you.

Your target market can be small business owners, network marketers, affiliate marketers, etc.

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A really cool tip he gives is this: Before you start the session ASK your audience what THEIR number one question or problem is with online marketing. Ask them to type it into the chat section.

The struggles will be topics for your NEXT webinar and as you “pitch” your next webinar. By the end, you’ll get people to show up again and again.

Now, to promote the next webinar also get some testimonials. Ask people to send in a video or a written testimonial with what they got out of your webinar.

Another way to get people to attend again, is that if they bring, let’s say, 2 guest to next webinar,  you promise some free bonus or a gift.

In my next post I’ll talk about some great ideas Ray has to easily collect leads in your local area.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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