Part 4, Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – Referrals Can Save Your Biz

Ray Higdon is, as you may know, is a world famous and acknowledged marketer, speaker and coach. He has been an advocate for attraction marketing for many years and believes that it is THE way to success in an extremely competitive marketplace.

All though he has build his empire on the foundation of attraction marketing, hustling and actively contacting people has also been part of his strategy and these are some of his cool tips.

Ask For Referrals

When you are talking to people about what you do and find there is no interest for them in your business, marketing or whatever you [mlsp-cta campaign=”totalrecruitingmastery” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”right” buttonstyle=”button-blue-flat”]

offer, you may as well take advantage of the situation – which means that you tell them that you totally understand them, because this is not for everyone.

However, THEY might know of someone, who is looking for something just like what you offer OR someone who is the perfect fit for your business. You never know who THEY know, so always ask.

Ray suggests something like this: “You must know someone, who would get benefit from this business I’m doing? Or “Do you someone you would like to help?”

If a friend of yours gives you referrals and the person they recommended is interested, call your friend back and tell them about it. Always give them feedback, because it’s a compliment and if you would like them to refer more people you should do it.

Ray Higdon has an incredible story about a friend who got 157 referrals from ONE person alone. So it is possible and you might meet your best partners that way.

 (Watch Ray Higdon’s Entire Webinar Here)

Cards From Everywhere

What does he mean by cards from everywhere? Well, what he talks about here are business cards or advertizing notes attached to corkboards in supermarkets, stores, libraries and so on.

That is advertizes people leave around, either because they sell some product, look for a job, a partner or offer some kind of service.

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Collect these cards when you see them and call people. Ask if they are open to a side project or say something like this: “I’m not sure where I found this card of yours, but I would like to ask……..”  Ask them if they are open to X and if yes, simply arrange a meeting. Don’t start blabbering out about your business on the phone. Always face to face meetings.

These people are advertising and promoting to make more money and that is why they are also your ideal prospect. They might find what you offer really interesting. They expect to receive calls anyway and will most probably not find it strange or be offended by you calling them.

So this is actually an easy, completely free of charge method to collect new leads on a daily basis. Not all will be interested in what you have, but some definitely will.

Tomorrow I’ll come up with the two last tips from Ray Higdon. He’ll tell how Google can work for you in advantageous ways and how the most old school approach at all and how to do it The RIGHT way.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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