Part 5, Ray Higdon’s Super Cool Prospecting Tips – Google Your Way To Success

So today’s blog post covers the last 2 amazing prospecting tips coming from Ray Higdon, the man himself. Top marketer, coach, speaker and blogger he has been promoting attraction marketing many years, because he knows and believes that it is the future of internet marketing.

Lets dive in and see how Google can work for you

Use Google Plus Alert

This may not seem important, but this function Google Plus has and that you may not have known about or found interesting, is actually quite powerful.

What you do is that you set up the Google Plus alert to notify you. To notify you of ANYTHING you choose anywhere in your local area, for example.

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You can set the function up to send you notifications about events, closings and openings of business, and so on. It will notify you of ANYTHING you set it up to.

The way to use this effectively in your local area, according to Ray, is to plant seeds and get attention. First of all, you’ll know about all the events going on, where you can attend and make lots of new relations.

(Watch All 10 Prospecting Tips in This Video by Ray Higdon himself)

Secondly, you’ll know exactly which businesses are closing down and that means you know where to find entrepreneurs that might be looking for something new project to work on.

Working locally is very powerful and having a local army, as Ray calls it. You grow really strong teams locally, being able to make physical meetings, workshops, trainings and so on. You can create a movement that way and a really huge momentum.

Talk to people

Last, but not least. The good old fashion approach. TALK TO PEOPLE.  And that is people you meet, new people, strangers, it doesn’t matter. Be social, chat, make relations, connect.

BUT, talking does NOT mean that you talk about yourself! Or what YOU do. No, on the contrary, DONT pitch!

What you do, is that you show genuine interest in people. Always ask questions about them and their life. Give them compliments and be sincere when giving them.

By asking questions you’ll know if that person is ready for what you will ask them at the end of your conversation. Which is this:  “by the way, would you be open to hear about side project”.

Remember, you are just out there talking with people to make the connection – not to pitch anyone your opportunity.

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You shouldn’t even ask every person you meet if they are open to your side project  and by asking questions you’ll know, who to ask and to not. If they are not, you’ve just made a relation and perhaps even a new friend.

(You Can Watch All 10 Prospecting Tips in This Video Made by Ray Higdon himself)

So in case somebody answers yes, you must get their card or number and follow up with them the next day – make an appointment with them.

Get their contact information and then get away quickly, because you don’t want to be telling about it there and they’ll probably be curious wanting to know more.  Be busy  “I’ve got to run” sort of, and follow up with them the next day or later.

NEVER present ANYTHING. Make that meeting or send them a video or a presentation and settle a time to talk about what they got out of it and if they feel it’s a fit for them.

That was the conclusion of our 5 day Ray Higdon blitz and his super amazing tips. We have used several of them and some worked really well for us. So go out there and crush it collecting leads for your business.

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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