Branding Yourself On Social Media With A Simple Strategy

Advertising has always been part of a business’s budget and we all know what advertising is. We recognize it immediately. , also on social media.

However, branding yourself on social media and advertising has become much more subtle. Sometimes we don’t even recognize it as advertising, before we clicked a post to READ MORE.

WHY? Because it looked exactly like a regular post!

Regular businesses KNOW that doing traditional advertising on social media is A WASTE of time and money.

We are SO USED to advertising that we just DON’T see it any more.

We SCROLL past it or even click it away. UNLESS, it’s something that we NEED, LIKE or it caught our ATTENTION.

Social media is where everybody is today (mostly) and this is where you can REACH out to people you would NEVER have had the possibility to get to know before.

You can sit in a remote corner of the world and build a strong solid GLOBAL business online via social media platforms. You can sell products, services or knowledge. Especially your OWN knowledge.

THAT’S how powerful medium social media is for your business and that is WHY you shouldn’t miss out!

The backside of it is that EVERYBODY can use social media to promote WHATEVER they want.

And today, more and more people are trying to make an extra income working from home in the affiliate and network marketing industry.

They all turn to social media and practically do whatever they want, like OR whatever they are told.

They advertize. They are doing the most BASIC advertising activity you can ever imagine. It’s called COPY-PASTE.

It’s easy, it’s quick (you can get a lot of copying and pasting done in a day, believe me, I did that) and it MIGHT get you a little sale or sign up here and there.

BUT as mentioned before, we DON’T SEE advertizing anymore. We scroll right past it, ignore it or worst case, get annoyed and report it.

This is EXACTLY why this kind of advertising will NEVER lead you anywhere.

That is why big businesses and corporations are not doing it ANYMORE – not on social media. They use CONTENT marketing. They lead with VALUE. Because this is what WE want.

And this is also what our customers want. This is the exact way to make people STOP in their tracks and say, “hey, THAT looks interesting, I better take a look”.

It’s the right way to POSITION yourself.

This is how you stand out from the crowd of regular advertisers and get your OWN VOICE. And how you get YOUR specific message out there in the marketplace.

THIS is HOW you become VISIBLE. This is how you make it possible for your customers to find you.

Ok, so how do you get started?

I have made a simple 10 step plan on how to start from absolutely scratch on social media and it outlines an easy and very accessible strategy anyone can take in use.

This is not for everyone of course.

Working with a strategy in mind is only for really serious entrepreneurs that are determined to get their voice out there, so they can build the business of their dreams and become financially independent

To learn more about content marketing, also called attraction marketing, you can read more here.

This is my strategy To get started doing business on social media in 10 EASY steps



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