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The whole talk about having a vision and how important it is, well, I didn’t really get it in the beginning.

I mixed vision totally up with mission. I found that having a vision was something big corporations had invented, because every business lecture at university always talked about vision.

“Making the world a better place” or ” become the first C02 safe/clean company in the world”,  and so on and so forth.

To be honest, I found the vision thing hollow and hypocritical. Because, the number one vision big corporations have is usually to make a lot of money, right.

So I didn’t really find that having or knowing your vision to be important – at all. [mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasteryorg” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”right” buttonstyle=”button-green”]

What I didn’t realize, was that being self employed, entrepreneur, your own boss, having a vision is perhaps THE most aspect of your business. AND crucial to your success!

AND what I did NOT realize either was that I already had a vision! A very strong one also.

BUT, but, but. It was not until someone helped see that my dreams were not just silly dreams and  not only good to have, but essential if I really wanted to succeed.

That my dreams were actually visions and without them I wouldn’t probably get anywhere.

THAT is how important it is to have a vision!

SO WHAT is a vision then?? Are they just dreams?

In a way yes. A vision is the dream or the thoughts you are having about your future and your future self.

It’s the picture you paint in your mind about what you want your life to look like.

But like they say, a dream is merely a wish if you don’t back it up with action!

So basically, it is the reason why you are working your own business so hard.

For most of us, it’s about becoming financially free, to make enough money to wipe out many  of your worries. To be able to decide what you do, where you live, who you surround yourself with.

It’s about freedom.

Freedom to live your life your way. Freedom to spend all the time in the world you desire with the people you care for and love.

THAT is why having a vision is SO important. belief system

It’s the FUEL that keeps your motor going. Your VISION is what get’s you out of bed in the morning. Your VISION drags you up, when you’re feeling down. Your vision KICKS you in the butt, when you don’t feel like doing anything or feel like giving up.

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

And that is ALSO why it is so important to NURTURE it every single day!

You don’t want it to fade. You want it to shine brightly and burn with a fire so fierce that you never, ever feel like giving up. You don’t even consider it.

How do you nurture your vision..?

Visualization is the answer.

There are numerous ways to visualize and that is exactly what I will talk about tomorrow. How to nurture your vision on a daily basis, so stay tuned.




“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”   Mouni.

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